A Civil Rights Law Firm Expands Their Client Case With Amata

For years Amata has partnered with the Chicago-Kent College of Law’s Solo and Small Practice Incubator program, providing participants office space at no charge and reduced costs on support services while in the program. Once participants graduate the program Amata continues supporting them with programs that scale in cost to allow them time to build up their law practice.

One such participant has been an Amata client since 2017, building a thriving civil rights law practice. Over the years, the firm has used many of the services Amata offers, scaling those services based on the needs and revenue of law firm. Without paying any full-time employees, the firm’s owner has Amata team members answering calls, logging messages, and calling clients to schedule appointments. During periods the firm is getting ready for trial, Amata’s paralegals assist with trial preparation.

Recently this firm expanded the role Amata’s staff plays in new client in-take. As in the past, Amata’s receptionist answers the phone for all callers. With potential new clients, the receptionist takes down the caller’s name, contact information, and a brief description of their situation. This information is shared with the attorney via email. When the attorney wishes to pursue the matter, Amata’s staff calls the potential new client and, using a 25-question in-take form. Once complete, the Amata team member schedules an appointment for the attorney to meet with the potential client either in-person or by video call. The firm has also started using Amata’s Spanish translation team members while expanding the firm’s client base.

Without jeopardizing the ability to provide exceptional legal services to clients, the firm is able to scale expenses up and down with the workload, maximizing profitability while keeping costs to clients affordable. For example, when the firm had two cases going to trial at the same time, Amata’s team was engaged for 12 hours of work. The client was billed $1,020 for this work and invoiced their client $2,040.

This flexibility has allowed the firms partner to enjoy practicing law, maintain a healthy work/life balance, and to maximize the number of clients the firm is able to assist.

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