Business Tips » Achieving True Office Flexibility — An Underlooked Factor for Growing Your Law Firm

Achieving True Office Flexibility — An Underlooked Factor for Growing Your Law Firm

Achieving True Office Flexibility — An Underlooked Factor for Growing Your Law Firm


Growing a business of any size can be hard. You need to generate new clients, serve the ones you already have, and constantly control your costs in order to ensure a profitable operation.

And when it comes to growing your law firm, the challenge can be even harder. Take, for example, an office. Most lawyers know the importance of having a professional office. The problem is that, according to a study conducted by BCG Attorney Search, Office Spaces can represent up to 50% of the expenses a small to medium-sized law firm has to incur.

That is why today we want to share what has helped more than 800 of our clients save money and achieve what we call Office Flexibility. You will understand how to access professional offices that adapt to your needs as a business owner, and that scale up and down with your operations.


The Support You Need, on Your Own Terms

Most lawyers started their own firm for one reason: Freedom. Freedom to work on meaningful cases, with clients they enjoy working with, controlling their hours, and at rates that truly compensate for the long hours they invest into providing an exceptional service.

The problem is that working in a small to medium-sized firm might come with the freedom, but at the expense of stability. This means that many of the support mechanisms that large firms take for granted are now impossible to afford, including:

  • Administrative assistants to delegate tasks to
  • Receptionists to take calls
  • Paralegals to assign law tasks to
  • A physical office space

So law firm founders find themselves in a conundrum: Should they sacrifice the quality of life they started their firm for in the first place, by trying to do all of the work themselves? Or should they hire other professionals to support them, but at the risk of facing a low cash flow month with high fixed expenses?

That’s where Office Flexibility comes in. Forget about having to choose between a professional, fully-staffed office AND labor costs so high that they erode your profitability.

Because if there’s a recurring trend in the legal world, it’s flexibility. From outsourced legal services to Fractional General Counsels, companies demand more flexibility in their costs to meet their exact growth needs. And having served the legal industry for 21+ years, Amata brings the flexibility you need to the office.


Professional Offices With the Flexibility You Need

At Amata Law Office Suites, we offer agreements that allow clients to drop or add offices during the term of the contract, without penalty, resulting in true office flexibility.

Whether you just started your law firm, have a team of 10-20, or are ready to expand your big law firm with the flexibility to scale up or down, we are here for you. No more letting long-term leases or a small staff hinder your ability to make the scalable impact you envision.

Our flexible support services mean more impact and less stress. Paralegal assistants can go to City Hall, the Recorders Office and deliver courtesy copies to judges for you. Live receptionists can screen your calls, handle new client in-take, and greet your guests. Our senior paralegals can research local court procedures, investigate cases, and draft motions on your behalf.

Our team acts as an extension of your law firm and scales up and down as you need to, so you never have to pay for under-utilized staff.

Besides these on-demand, professional support services, Amata provides you with a physical or virtual office that grows with you. Some of our clients have described their Amata office spaces as untouchable, pristine, and “a place for relationships worth its weight in gold.”

In today’s economic environment, the ability to add or remove office spaces without penalty is paramount. That is why our plans provide flexible pricing, short-term agreements with options to adjust, and conference rooms that can accommodate every need, including live depositions, in-person meetings combined with video meetings, in-person client lunches and after-hour gatherings.

Most lawyers do not need to come into the office on a regular basis, nor do they need a large office with a lavish library. You can strategically grow your firm by allocating your resources to technology and talent, while still having a professional office that establishes your professionalism and provides all the support needed to thrive.

Because for most law firms, the two largest expenses are office space and compensation. Amata helps you reduce both with a fresh solution that scales as you do, without penalizing you for changes along the way.

After all, flexibility in your costs means more ability to serve clients, build a thriving firm, and enjoy the quality of life you started your business for in the first place.

Inquire today to learn how our flexible solutions can help your law firm reduce costs, simplify your growth, and scale.