Thank you to everybody who came out to Amata’s return to in-person networking with Amata Socials! Our next get together is June 9th and will be held at 180 N LaSalle.

We are also excited to extend an opportunity – now you’ll be able to sponsor an Amata Social!

Sponsor an Amata Social

Amata SocialsEach month we are providing up to two firms the opportunity to sponsor the social. Amata will continue to pay for food and beverages at these socials and the sponsors will be responsible for getting the word out and making sure they are well attended. In return for sponsoring, Amata will promote the sponsors firm in weekly posts, publications and announcements leading up to the social.

Up to 2 Law Firms will have the opportunity to sponsor each Amata social.

  • The sponsoring law firms will be responsible for attendance at the event. This will include sending out invitations and making sure each event is well attended (25+ participants at each event is the goal).
  • Amata will also promote each event through email distributions to all Amata clients, that will include the logo/name of the sponsoring law firm and signs at every Amata location.
  • Members of the sponsoring firm will greet guests upon their arrival and direct them as appropriate.
  • The sponsoring firm(s) will provide an overview of their firm and the type of work they are able to handle at the beginning of each social.

Amata’s Obligation

  • Amata will provide beverages (both alcohol and non-alcohol) and lite snacks at each social.
  • The sponsoring firms will be featured in Amata’s weekly watercooler email and featured on the flyers distributed at each Amata location.
    Amata will provide a list of all registered participants to the sponsoring firms to allow for follow up.

Additional Considerations

  • Sponsorship will be on a first come, first serve basis by contacting
  • Firms with the same practice areas will not be allowed to sponsor the same event.
  • Attendance by the sponsoring firms is mandatory.

Are you interested in sponsoring an Amata Social?

Reach out to today! Each social has two spots and they will be filled on a first come first serve basis.


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