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Amata Step Challenge Recap

Amata Step Challenge Recap

This year, Amata had its first ever Step Challenge! We challenged all Amata members and staff to compete for 12 weeks to earn weekly titles and prizes, culminating in four overall champion categories and an overhaul on personal health. They didn’t disappoint.

Our #AmataStepChallenge began on February 15th, while New Year’s resolutions were still pushing us to blaze trails. We’ve been working hard for the past year and a half to provide a community focused on health and wellness, and we felt like a step challenge was the perfect motivator to help us all spring into health this year!

The sign-ups began, and challenge members were placed into categories depending on their current fitness status. The four categories were Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced for solo competitors, and a Team category for groups of five individuals. Their challenge: to track their daily step count and compete for the most steps in their category. Steps were submitted weekly and every week, the person/team with the highest step count for that week in their category was awarded a motivating $20 gift card! At the end, the top three contestants in each category were awarded prizes.

During the 12 week challenge, we stuffed challenge members with knowledge and motivation! The road to health is full of distractions, so we shared weekly newsletters packed with health tips and tricks from some of our favorite sources to help keep us all on track. Here are some of our top health tips and tricks to help you prepare!

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12 weeks doesn’t sound very long until you’re living it! When you’re counting down the days, they seem to go much slower. But spending that time focusing on your health and well-being is the best way to pass the days. We are so proud of everyone who participated in the #AmataStepChallenge. Reaching or trying to reach the goal of 10,000 steps or more daily is a great way to improve overall health- and that comes straight from the experts, folks!

What we love the most is that so many people joined something that can be a springboard to other positive life choices. Focus on walking more steps today and perhaps tomorrow you’ll decide to choose the healthy snack rather than the unhealthy one. A small start is still a start nonetheless, and it is all that is needed to get somewhere.

And boy, did we get somewhere! We were blown away with the step counts that were coming in weekly form contestants! From advanced down to the beginner category, many people were hitting marks well above the daily recommended 10,000 steps.

The #AmataStepChallenge helped over 150 people get healthier and we’ve all had a great time doing it! Some people waged personal bets, others added it to their usual workout routine, and some used it to kick-start their new fitness regime. One of the overall winners of the challenge, Kel’ley Garner, a paralegal with Bennett and Bangser, LLC, made the most out of the 12 weeks:

Wow I can’t believe we made it since February!!! I feel so accomplished.  I lost a couple of pounds and spent some good time with good peeps and some positive life reflection time with myself walking.  This challenge was fun and I appreciate all the support you guys gave from the reminders to the motivational links about the benefits of taking care of ourselves, to the smiles and thumbs up at our efforts.  Amata is much more than just an office space, it is an environment that wants each member to have peace and balance.  The things you guys do for our health don’t go unnoticed.  So kudos to you all!!

Thanks Kel’ley! That is exactly what we hoped for ☺

In a few weeks, we will announce our #AmataStepChallenge winners! Will it be you? Subscribe to our weekly newsletters and find out.