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An International Perspective: How One Attorney’s Network Expanded

Sandra Chiarlone

When international lawyer Sandra Chiarlone traveled to the United States from Italy to practice law, she immediately knew she was in for a challenge. Despite only having law experience in Europe, and a language barrier to contend with, Chiarlone was determined to make Chicago her home.

“I visited the US and came here as a nobody,” Chiarlone said. “I was a small fish in a big pond.” And it was exactly what she wanted to be.

Luckily, there was a way to make that pond feel much smaller. Chiarlone’s practice, SC International Law Offices, operates out of one of four Amata Law Offices locations and utilizes the support staff to help manage her practice.

With COVID travel restrictions loosening worldwide, the reliable support team at Amata remains a crucial piece in the growth of international law practices everywhere but especially in Chicago where most of its 700+ lawyers are based, allowing Charlione to flourish.

Reliable Legal Support Services Fit Attorney Schedules

Between juggling multiple time zones and remaining sensitive to a myriad of cultural differences, the schedule of an international attorney can be complex. Amata’s in person and virtual support services can help make working from any city feel like home.

“Amata has been very important to my career. The solutions suggested for my office have been fantastic,” Chiarlone said. “[Before COVID] I used to travel every three to four months and Amata allowed me to run my international law practice no matter where my travels took me. I rely on the wonderful staff to help me.”

Chiarlone also noted that Amata-sponsored events have helped her connect with other lawyers and grow her practice in Chicago.

“I could refer cases to colleagues and they could refer to me, I was able to expand my network through the legal community that Amata has built and the events it organized,” Chiarlone said.

Much of the work Chiarlone is involved in deals with clients who are based in the United States and have ties to Italy, or vice versa. Balancing proceedings in multiple countries requires a dedicated and reliable team, such as Amata’s team.

“When I was abroad I could count on the Amata staff for the needs I had,” Chiarlone said.

Flexibility and Support Even During the Most Unusual Times

While most of Chiarlone’s cases revolve around Italian inheritances, property management and estate planning, the past year saw a flood of clients applying for dual citizenship. In 2020, American applicants for Italian dual citizenship alone grew considerably.

This increase in demand for international lawyers as a result of the applications for dual citizenship coincided with changes in workflow due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with these changes, the Amata team ensured that lawyers such as Chiarlone could continue to focus on their clients and keep things running smoothly.

“It was the best during the pandemic because I could count on the staff, as I always can, with no problem,” Chiarlone said. “Now I work virtually. During the pandemic I had to meet in-person with some clients. I felt safe because of the investment Amata made to its offices. It was prompt in thinking about the safety needs of its attorneys, our clients and their personnel.”

Choice is freedom. That’s what Amata offers–the freedom to practice in a way that suits you, your firm and your clients best, and grants you a balanced life while you watch your practice flourish and grow. Learn how Amata can support your business by filling out the form below.