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Appellate Briefs Legal Support

Amata eliminates the time-consuming task of preparing, reviewing, and filing appellate briefs. Our appellate briefs paralegal services in Chicago’s legal and financial districts have years of experience that your law firm can trust. Additionally, we review briefs for compliance against local court rules to ensure your caseload doesn’t miss a beat.

Appellate Briefs

Trusted Appellate Brief Paralegal Services Serving the Chicagoland Area

Our legal brief writing service and court filing services in Chicago handle a wide range of paralegal work related to appeals in Illinois’ state courts, federal appellate courts, and the United States Supreme Court. Amata also proudly provides clients with exceptional virtual and cloud-based services to make your experience as seamless as possible.

General Appellate Brief Paralegal Services

You can rely on our Chicago appellate brief paralegal services to deliver on the following:

  • Copying, mailing, and preparation services
  • Conversion of documents and files to digital
  • Appellate brief template set-up
  • Court filing services
  • Checking for compliance with local rules
  • And more!

E-Brief Preparation Services for Appellate Courts

Our appellate briefs paralegal services in Chicago can assist you with various tasks in your law practice. No matter the need, we can help you move toward a more efficient law firm at a fair price.

Our knowledgeable paralegals can assist your law firm with the following:

  • Conducting research
  • Appellate brief editing
  • Appellate brief formatting
  • Appellate brief attorney e-filing services
  • Confirmation follow-ups
  • And dedicate paralegal services

We are the additional set of eyes your practice requires to review your appellate brief to ensure it complies with the court’s formatting requirements. Amata will work with your in-house team to provide seamless legal services that support your law firm’s needs.

Flexibility on Your Terms

We leave it up to you how you wish to utilize our appellate services. Amata will thoroughly review all rules to ensure you access the most up-to-date versions, including searching for any updates or pending rule changes on your court’s website. Alternatively, we can assist you in drafting the necessary motions.

Legal Assistance

Our seasoned paralegal staff handles appeals involving a wide variety of issues throughout Illinois. Amata is well-versed in each appellate court’s written and unwritten rules and is adaptable in handling and resolving unusual situations.

Our team also offers attorney filing and paralegal services that provide:

  • ADMINISTRATIVE, PARALEGAL & NOTARY SERVICES: Amata charges you by the minute, not the hour.
  • FIXED-FEE COURTESY COPIES & COURT FILINGS: Get back to doing what you do best!
  • SPANISH TRANSLATION: Meet today’s market demands for phone calls, meetings, and documents

Apart from being knowledgeable about the numerous technical procedural requirements imposed by each court, our paralegals confidently explain such requirements to our attorneys. Our staff will not hesitate to inform clients when an interpretation of a court policy is unclear or should be discussed further with court clerks to obtain clarification.

Appellate Briefs Legal Support in Chicago

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