Community & Events » Bill Belmont: This Investigative Firm Knows How to Help Attorneys. It was Built by One. | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Bill Belmont: This Investigative Firm Knows How to Help Attorneys. It was Built by One. | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Bill Belmont was a trial attorney, investigative attorney, worked in law enforcement, and nearly became an FBI agent before starting his investigative firm. He jokes he founded The Belmont Group with one goal in mind: to make more money so that his wife wasn’t relegated to the ‘hillbilly’ lifestyle he enjoyed.

Bill has considerable experience investigating civil and criminal matters in a wide range of industries including finance, fashion, entertainment and real estate. And he puts client relationships first, even over the money he claims he started this firm to earn. Jokes aside, helping people in tight situations is the real reason he started this work.

Life at an investigative firm isn’t all Ray Donovan. But it is fun.

Why Bill enjoys the latest stage in his ever-morphing career:

  • “Well, like every Jewish kid on Long Island. I wanted to be a cop…” (01:22)
  • How team sports help attorneys conquer their jobs (13:20)
  • Matrimonial cases. Ray Donovan. Catfishing situations. And more. (17:05)
  • Life is about the way you frame it (31:48)

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More than an investigative firm founder, Bill still loves the legal profession.

“I’m really a life coach when I think about it, right? My job is to motivate people to do the right thing. That’s what I do. I bring motivation to people so they can see the light and avoid the more complicated aspects to [their situation].”

“I always try to tell young people in the profession, both lawyers and investigators – I go back to my old law school and I try to mentor as much as I can – never chase the dollar. Chase the relationship.”

“I love the legal profession. I can’t stand when people talk about ‘Oh, I’m a recovering attorney.’ No buddy, that’s your problem. The legal profession is an amazing profession. I have friends I grew up with and who I went to law school who are doing a thousand different jobs: I’m an investigator, they’re in finance, some have their own businesses. But the one thing that’s great about the law is that thread runs through everything you do. There’s nothing you do in life, professionally, that doesn’t have some aspect of the law to it. So it’s a great, great activity.”


Bill Belmont

Bill has over 30 years of experience in the investigation, due diligence, and security field. In addition to having worked as a law enforcement officer and trial attorney, he served as Director of Operations for the New York office of Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations.

He has overseen the management of hundreds of corporate investigations involving fraud, workplace misconduct, brand protection and theft of trade secrets. Additionally, he has managed hundreds of investigations for national and international law firms and has developed and implemented due diligence protocols for dozens of financial institutions to ensure the integrity of their investments. He provides clients with pre-incident consulting, including vulnerability surveys, threat assessments and crisis management plans and procedures. Furthermore, Bill provides security consulting services to clients for personal and private events.

Bill oversees the implementation of increased security measures for many corporate clients. He serves as a member of crisis management teams, assisting with contingency plans for critical occurrences, such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, computer network penetrations, business interruptions and incidents of workplace violence.
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