Five Things to Look for in Shared Office Space

In the past, law firms were known for sprawling offices, where even the most junior associates had their own private workspace. That changed as larger firms adopted standard-size offices, open floor plans and clustered workstations, and a growing cadre of lawyers — particularly solo practitioners — moved to shared offices.

Reception Services: Make Sure To Keep Your Phone Number

Many businesses are familiar with the need to connect their contact phone number with their company name, and depending on how long they’ve been in business, have already accomplished it. In this regard, a daunting prospect for many business owners is the notion of having to change it. Unfortunately, this can be the case for those who are needing to change or add phone services, as many providers will not allow them to keep their existing number in the process.

How to Find a Virtual Legal Assistant

One of the biggest issues facing lawyers today is the accrual of billable hours. During the early days of 2020, lawyers were forced to work remotely and reconfigure their entire practice. This led to a decline in billable hours across the board, with legal practitioners struggling to make ends meet. One study suggests that most law firms were only able to net an average of 2.5 billable hours each day. Virtual legal assistants are increasingly employed to resolve these issues.

Should Your Law Firm Strategy Include Alternative Legal Service Providers?

When you’re developing your law firm strategy, should you include alternative legal service providers? We investigate the value of evaluating your strategy, and finding the places where you money is best spent.

Billable Hours: Less Distractions, More Time on Clients with ALSPs

According to a recent study published by Clio, only 29% of a lawyer’s workday is spent on billable time. Without the resources of larger law firms, solo and private legal practices struggle to put in billable hours – can ALSPs help?

What is an Alternative Legal Service Provider?

If you’ve spent any time looking to expand or improve your legal offerings, you may have come across the term “alternative legal service provider.” For many practices, these services, commonly

What to Look For in the Best Virtual Receptionists for Law Firms

There are three traits to look for when seeking the best virtual receptionists for law firms. Read more here!

How a Virtual Legal Receptionist Can Benefit Your Private Practice

Great legal practices are often defined by their high quality of service. Not only via their attorneys’ legal acumen, but through the strong attorney-to-client legal relationships they build. Timely

Want to Grow Your Law Practice? This Firm Says Live Receptionists are Key

A missed phone call might not seem like a big deal. But according to a 2018 report from NewVoiceMedia, now Vonage, businesses lose $75 billion each year due to poor customer service, such as missed phone calls. In addition to that, cloud-based voice platform Aircall reports that 85% of callers won’t follow up if their calls are not returned.

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