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Chicago Offices: Hire Your Ultimate Team

Convincing the best applicants to work for your new Chicago venture can be tricky. From their point of view, startups are not stable and usually do not offer the same concrete health and time off benefits.

So why would these people who could write their own ticket to any Chicago firm be interested in coming to work for your unproven company? Here are things to consider:

There are some people just like you. They see a need in the market and they want to offer the solution. There may even be people who have seen the same market niche. If you can convince them that they would be making a MAJOR CONTRIBUTION to the company, they will find that appealing.

Of course, the opportunity to cash in is a persuasive factor. Paint a realistic picture of the opportunity and the goals and you may snag the best of the best.

Flattery is also a great tool in recruitment. Ask around and get some names of the best of the best. Do your homework and find out why they would work best in your organization. Offer them the chance of melding their work with their strengths and you will likely get a dedicated employee.

Appeal to their sense of self-direction. Give them the ability to create and be the master of their own time. Make sure that you think this through carefully and make it something that you can live with, but give them freedom to explore projects. This will be a big draw.

Finally,show them that you have assembled a great team to work with. Take your recruits out for lunch and introduce them to team members so they have a feeling that they will be getting on the right “bus.”

This requires an office where the team can get together. But it also requires a space that is flexible and inexpensive because freedom must allow for a flexible schedule.

A virtual office may be your best bet. Check out your Chicago prospects by calling Amata at 1.877.262.8204.