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Faye Gelb: Empowering Women in Law | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Faye is teaching female attorneys not to make the assumptions she did: that hard work is all it takes to be seen. Previously a lawyer working within the Canadian government, when her boss retired, her job retired too, which was a shock. She now runs Her Legal Global, an international community which empowers women in law through practical skill development and mentorship, in Canada and the United States.

Key Moments:

  • Faye’s story (02:00)
  • Career successes, failures, and discovering yourself (16:50)
  • How Her Legal Global provides a new environment for female lawyers (25:10)
  • What Faye Gelb wants to see changed in the legal profession (31:36)

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“If I could go back, I would have been much more proactive and strategic about my development and my career.”

“Back in March this year I went on to LinkedIn to network and I started talking to women…I realized that in the last almost 30 years since I was called, not a lot has changed, they face the same challenges…. I really thought: ‘What is it, why can’t we have a better way… Why is it the same-old, same-old after this many years? We have all these different initiatives!’”

“If you want to have pay equity, start negotiating from the beginning. So, how do you do that if you’re timid or you’ve never been taught? Where do you get those skills? Who’s going to teach you?”

“We need to define success for ourselves and with law it becomes a ‘big picture’ success, always. Most people see success in law as getting into law school, graduating law school, getting your first job, getting a certain pay rate, making a certain position in the firm, but every day we have success and if we only relate our achievements to these big goals then it sets us up for perfectionism. And to be crushed when things don’t go [as planned].”


Faye Gelb

Lawyer Faye Gelb is the founder of Her Legal Global, a private online community for women in law to empower their careers. Women have a shared experience in law that is consistent regardless of where they live or practice. Our community provides the space, expert information, mentors, and virtual coffees to support and help women overcome obstacles. We are strategic, proactive, and innovative in our approach. Love your career!

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