Business Tips » Fractional Legal Staff: A Real-World Checklist of Things They Can Do For You

Fractional Legal Staff: A Real-World Checklist of Things They Can Do For You

Running a small law firm is demanding. You wear many hats, juggling cases, managing clients, and overseeing every detail. Hiring additional staff can be tempting, but the prospect of onboarding a full-time employee—the cost, the commitment—can be daunting.

At Amata, we understand your hesitation. That’s why our fractional staffing solutions are designed specifically for small firms like yours, offering the benefits of dedicated support without the burden of full-time overhead.


Are You Worried About Your Fractional Staff’s Onboarding?

Perhaps you’re worried about:

  • Integration and Training

    Will a fractional paralegal or admin seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow? Yes. At Amata, we take the time to understand your firm’s unique needs and ensure your fractional staff is fully trained on your preferred tools and procedures. Think of it as a seamless extension of your team, not a disruptive addition.

  • Accountability and Quality

    Can you trust someone working part-time to deliver high-quality work and meet deadlines? Absolutely. Our staff is comprised of pre-vetted, experienced legal professionals. We prioritize clear communication through daily logs and regular reviews, keeping you informed and ensuring your standards are met.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Will fractional staffing actually save you money? Most definitely! You only pay for the support you need, eliminating the expense of salaries, benefits, and office space for a full-time employee. This allows you to scale your team up or down as your caseload dictates, maximizing your return on investment.

From the moment you engage Amata, our team prioritizes a smooth transition. Our proven onboarding process ensures your fractional staff is quickly brought up to speed on your firm’s processes.


Here’s an example of a real-world onboarding schedule we use when working with clients:


  • Day 1: Initial Meeting and Setup: We schedule the initial meeting to understand your specific needs and establish clear communication channels. We outline daily and weekly tasks and request access to necessary tools and platforms.

    This initial day is dedicated to getting you familiarized with your fractional team, and understanding your preferred software and procedures.

  • Day 2: Detailed Instructions and Supervised Execution: We schedule a follow-up meeting to ensure a clear understanding of expectations. This session is recorded for future reference, allowing your fractional staff to revisit the information as needed. Under your supervision, they begin executing the assigned tasks.

  • Day 3: Independent Task Execution: Gradually your fractional staff starts tackling tasks independently. They can refer back to the recorded instructions for any clarification, freeing you from constant supervision while maintaining accuracy.

  • Day 4: Tasks Repetition and Output Delivery: The team repeats the tasks to ensure proficiency and consistent quality output. Completed tasks are delivered to you for review, keeping you in complete control of the process.


Ongoing Daily and Weekly Review

Amata fosters a culture of transparency and accountability. This commitment is reflected in our ongoing communication practices:


  • Daily Logs: Your fractional staff meticulously maintains a daily log detailing completed tasks and progress made. This log provides you with real-time insight into their work and allows for immediate course correction if needed.

  • Weekly Reviews: Collaboration is key. We schedule regular weekly reviews where you and your fractional staff can discuss all tasks, ensure alignment with your goals, and address any concerns promptly.

  • Proactive Adaptation: The legal landscape is dynamic, and your needs may evolve. Amata recognizes this. We hold regular meetings to discuss new tasks or changing requirements, ensuring your fractional staff is equipped to handle them efficiently.

Amata: Your Partner in Success

Amata’s fractional staffing solutions are designed to empower small law firms like yours. We offer:


  • Flexibility: Tailor your support to your specific needs. Need help with legal research for a few hours a week? Done. Want a paralegal to assist with all pre-trial tasks for a specific case? We’ve got you covered.
  • Focus on Your Core Business: Free yourself from administrative burdens and focus on what you do best – practicing great law.
  • Peace of Mind: Know that your critical tasks are being handled by qualified professionals, allowing you to serve your clients with confidence.

Don’t let concerns about traditional staffing hold you back. Contact Amata today and discover how our fractional legal staffing solutions can streamline your workflow and save you time while providing an accountable team all along the way.