Attorneys starting off with their own practice need an essential support system to grow and prosper.  

Sure, you have the ability to take care of your filing, administrative tasks, and answering inquiries. 

But do you have the time? 

When you devote less time to mundane yet essential tasks, you have more time to work on settling a case in your favor. 

Let us show you what a full-service virtual office can do for your practice. 

Various Plans to Fit Your Needs

Full-Service Virtual Offices For Lawyers

Amata offers four different levels of service, all at affordable prices that come in much lower than hiring full-time staff. 

  1. Business Address starting at $75. We handle the mail, scan the mail, notify you by email when it arrives, and forward mail to your chosen address. We also offer discounted FedEx services along with specialized messenger services. 

  2. Live Receptionist & Phone starting at $49. A live person answers your phone from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. CT. Transcription for incoming calls and messages that we forward to your phone or document system. Listen to your incoming messages through your cellphone. 

  3. Live Receptionist & Phone with Business address starting at $175 a month. You get everything from the first two plans plus access to one of seven physical locations for you to perform legal work.

  4. Virtual Office Plus starting at $275 a month. You get everything from the first three tiers plus keycard access to a physical office space 24/7 as well as 24  conference room credits/month to use whenever you wish.

The average cost to rent office space in Chicago currently sits at $37.56 per square foot.  

If you pay $275 a month to rent space at that rate, your office would be a closet with no windows! 

We offer physical space to work, meet clients and meet other attorneys, as well as staff, for much less than it costs to rent an office and hire full-time staff. 

Using our virtual office services for your law firm lets you save money while you grow your firm. Even better, it gives clients and prospective clients a professional first impression of your legal services. 

We Hire Knowledgeable Staff

Every Amata staff member who works for you goes through a four-person interview process at first. You have peace of mind that everyone who answers the phone understands legal terms, knows how to speak to other attorneys who may call the office, and can perform initial screenings of potential clients based on your requirements.  

Better yet, when you need expert assistance for your firm, our team of paralegals, legal administrators, law clerks and receptionists act as an extension of your business. 

We Know the Industry

Our team has been helping the legal community in the Chicago area since 2002, and we have nearly 75 years of combined experience helping law firms with administrative tasks. We have experienced property managers who help you with conference rooms, ordering discounted supplies and setting up your workspace.  

Over the past two decades of providing full-service legal office support, we’ve helped over 750 attorneys in 27 practice areas generate thousands of lead shares. 

We Own All of Our Assets

What sets Amata apart from other full-service virtual offices for lawyers is that we own all of our assets. When you need to set up a time to work in an office space or meet with clients in a conference room, you don’t have a middle manager to go through.  

Our company owns what you utilize. When you talk to us, you talk to the owners of the space, the supervisors of the employees, and the ones who provide your services.  

Take Advantage of This Opportunity

Are you a growing legal practice? We give you room to grow with our scalable yet customizable services.  

Our top service starts at $275 a month. Let’s say you double that for $550 a month.  

That’s still a fairly cheap overhead. The rest of your expenses can go towards billable time with clients rather than hard costs. In less than a couple hours worth of billable time, you pay for a month’s worth of office expenses.  

Even better, virtual offices may be more normalized as we emerge from the pandemic that gripped the world for two years. 

It’s All About Your Clients

The American Bar Association notes that some law firms returned to their offices faster than other corporate service entities following the COVID-19 pandemic. Some law practices utilized a hybrid model with some in-office staff and some virtual.  

The ABA says that it depends on the clients of attorneys as to how you should approach your office space. You are probably figuring out how to solve the in-office or work-from home paradigm of doing business. Hybrid models are emerging as the prevailing way to return to normal. 

Amata gives you a chance to wow your clients with a dynamic office space and conference room in downtown Chicago. We still have some pretty spectacular views to make a lasting first impression and creating a wow factor for your big-name clients. 

We also allow you the freedom to work from a park, your favorite lunch spot, or at home with your kids. Secure cloud-based services let you work from anywhere, whether you’re organizing files in Clio or billing a client in LawPay. Some clients can appreciate hearing the squeal of your kids playing in the yard while you work on their case because they value a work-life balance too. 

And It’s All About You

You worked hard in law school. You busted all-nighters researching cases and studying for the bar. You deserve to run your law firm as you choose to, not what tradition says to do as you try to pursue clients to grow your practice. 

A virtual office space gives you the freedom for more work-life balance because most or all of your administrative tasks are taken care of. You don’t have to worry about your image since we take care of those details for you as a law-focused support company that understands the legal world in America’s third-largest city. 

Amata, An Entire Company as Your Support Staff

Let’s get started. Call or contact us for a tour of our locations if you’re serious about growing your law firm while keeping overhead low. 


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