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How to Network When You Work Remotely

How to Network When You Work Remotely

While being a telecommuter takes you out of the everyday hubbub you find in a traditional office space, it doesn’t restrict you from taking advantage of networking opportunities that can give you that face-to-face interaction you need, and also give you a leg up in growing your business.

Network Virtually Through Groups on LinkedIn

LinkedIn groups offer a unique outlet for networking with others in your industry, those that share your business interests and even those within your own city.

Participate in group discussions. Answers questions where your legal insight is valuable. And when you meet a person who you’d like to connect with, go to their profile page and do so! LinkedIn groups provide a way to easily network with like-minded individuals without ever having to leave your virtual office. And when you do want to leave? Your groups are the perfect place to key you in on networking events nearby that you may be interested in.

Use Coworking Spaces to Find a Community

The most talked about disadvantage of working remotely or telecommuting is the lack of face-to-face interaction. Buffer’s “State of Remote Working” found 21% of people regarded loneliness as their largest struggle as a remote worker. An easy solution? Networking.

For instance, both our Virtual Members and traditional office members enjoy complimentary access to events we put on across our locations – everything from strategic networking events for attorneys, to book launch parties for members who have recently published. Because we are tailored for attorneys, we offer a supportive community to network within that fits their specific needs. Not all coworking spaces are alike, so find the community that is best for you when pursuing this option.

Join and Network Through Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Through your local chamber of commerce, you can attend networking events and programs designed around increasing your points-of-contact as well as providing unique training and education. Chambers also offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities you may not find elsewhere, and this can often include additional promotion for your business.

While your business may have an online presence, face-to-face interaction will sell and build growth for your company better than any other. Through the chamber, you’ll build relationships that become friends, associates and advocates for your business who can help you do just that.

No matter how your remote working lifestyle looks, maintaining a virtual office won’t limit you from tremendous networking opportunities. Interested in gaining more visibility through networking while enjoying the perks of working from home? Check out Amata’s remote office & phone packages today!