When is the best time to find on-demand paralegal services? As anyone with crushing deadlines knows, you often know best when you need help after its already too late.

As a lawyer, you understand the flux of your business better than anyone else. Solo and private law firms can’t handle the same volume of cases that larger legal practices are able to leverage. While these types of firms typically exert greater control over their business, without the right help work can sometimes become overwhelming. This can lead to a feast-or-famine flow of business, particularly for more seasonal lawyers that specialize in fields like taxes.

As Louis Pasteur once said, fortune favors the prepared mind, and nowhere is that clearer than in the legal profession. The best time to learn what services are available to help supplement your workload is now.

When Do I Need On-Demand Paralegal Services?

On-demand paralegals, sometimes referred to as contract paralegals or freelance paralegals, are professionals who perform the same tasks as full-time paralegals but in shorter engagements. They operate best for law practices that need the assistance of a paralegal, but cannot afford the rates of hiring one on full-time.

For smaller law firms, this offers an incredible boon. The cost savings alone can help ensure that you net more billable hours – the paralegal’s work can be tracked and is billable in the same way your work is billable.

Additionally, on-demand paralegals can be easily scaled to meet your workflow. Their skills and professionalism have already been vetted by the alternative legal services provider they operate under. When you need them, they are merely a call away, and don’t require the same kind of training that hiring a full-time paralegal necessitates.

As a legal practitioner, only you know when you need a helping hand. The best time to start researching your options is now.

What to Look for in an Alternative Legal Services Provider

When you are researching options for on-demand paralegal services, consider the reputation and experience of an ALSP. What kind of training are they implementing? Are they undergoing the same continuous education that you as a lawyer require to be at the top of your field? ALSPs need to maintain the same level of focus

The benefit of going through an ALSP directly rather than individual freelancers is that their quality is vetted ahead of time. Their business is built on lawyers who are happy with their services, and their quality assurance is essential to their bottom line. ALSPs invest time and money into the people that they hire, so that when their services are called upon, they are delivering the best results.

A final consideration to make regarding an alternative legal service provider is their location. Some services like virtual receptionist services don’t require in-person interactions. Paralegals typically do. Law firms that are paperless can hire virtual paralegals from anywhere across the United States provided that they are educated on region-specific laws pertaining to your services. However, most law firms continue to use paper, requiring that on-demand paralegals remain within driving distance of your practice.

The Best Time to Find On-Demand Paralegal Services is Now

On-demand paralegal services can be extremely beneficial to businesses that have fluctuating workflows or those that can’t afford to hire paralegals full time. They are trained professionals that can quickly scale and execute to your business.

The problem facing most solo legal practitioners is knowing when they need help. Many lawyers forego contract paralegals thinking they can take on the workload themselves, at the cost of cutting into their bottom line.

Even if you don’t find that you need an on-demand paralegal at this particular moment, developing connections with alternative legal service providers can ensure that when the time comes, you can contract out work quickly and efficiently. In the legal profession, every minute counts.

Billable hours are the lifeblood of your business. On-demand paralegals can help ensure that your client needs are met in a timely manner, leading to better reviews, better referrals, and better business.

Amata Law Office Suites offers more than just a legal space for solo and partner practice law firms. It also offers services that matter to legal professionals, such as contract paralegals, virtual legal receptionist services, and more. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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