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Is Your Admin Staff Leaving You? It Might Be Because You Don’t Need Them Full-time

People quit their jobs for many reasons. And besides the obvious ones (relocation, burnout, low pay), there is one reason that most leaders haven’t considered: Feeling underutilized.

High performers want to grow in their careers, make a tangible impact, and do challenging work. Many assistants and administrative staff also have a serving heart: They want to truly contribute and feel valued. If they feel that the work they do is meaningful, they will want to move on.

This article presents a solution for this — One that works for both the employee and those law firms looking to retain good people while protecting their margins.


Why Admin Staff Leave Their Employees

The right administrative staff can cut your workload, handle repetitive day-to-day tasks, streamline operations, and allow your lawyers to focus on their core responsibilities.

However, a concerning trend has emerged—qualified and capable administrative professionals are leaving their positions, often due to feeling underutilized in their roles. The Gloat Survey revealed that 34% of American workers feel underutilized at work, prompting them to quit.

This begs the question: Are law firms overlooking the potential benefits of hiring administrative staff on an hourly basis?


The traditional model of hiring full-time administrative staff has long been the norm for law firms. However, as work structures evolve and technology enables greater flexibility, the one-size-fits-all approach may no longer be the most effective solution. Small law firms, in particular, can benefit from reevaluating their staffing strategies to better align with the needs of both the firm and its employees.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates that the cost of replacing an employee can range from 50% to 60% of their annual salary. For small law firms operating on tight budgets, the prospect of frequent turnover among administrative staff can have significant ramifications on profitability and overall firm performance.

So, what can small law firms do to address this issue? The answer lies in embracing a more flexible approach to staffing by hiring administrative professionals on an hourly basis. By doing so, firms can harness the expertise of skilled professionals without committing to the financial burden of a full-time salary.


Fractional Support Services

Having worked with more than 6,000 solo practitioners and small law firms, Amata has created a new program that solves this issue. It provides flexibility in hiring, so that lawyers can experience the benefits admin staff provides (reduced workload, less stress, smoother operations) without having to commit to a full-time employee.

The Fractional Support Services Programs have five different packages, plus a pay-as-you-need-it service pricing.

This offers several advantages:

  1. For the firm, it provides the flexibility to scale staffing levels based on fluctuating workloads, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently.During periods of high demand, such as when preparing for trials or managing multiple client files simultaneously, firms can easily increase staffing levels to meet the surge in workload. Conversely, during quieter periods or lulls in activity, firms can scale back on staffing without the financial burden of maintaining full-time positions.
  2. For admin staff, fractional employment offers greater autonomy and work-life balance. Rather than being tied to a rigid 9-to-5 schedule, employees can choose to work the hours that best suit their needs, whether it be during traditional business hours or outside of them.This flexibility can lead to increased job satisfaction and employee retention, as individuals feel empowered to manage their work in a manner that aligns with their personal lives.
  3. Furthermore, hiring administrative staff on an hourly basis enables firms to leverage specialized expertise as needed, without the overhead costs associated with maintaining full-time positions. Whether it’s project-based work, temporary support during peak periods, or assistance with specific tasks, firms can tailor their staffing arrangements to suit their evolving needs.


By avoiding the costs associated with idle employees during slower periods, such as salaries, benefits, and overhead expenses, firms can maintain financial stability and maximize profitability.


A New Way Of Work

Fractional Support Services allows law firms to scale staffing levels based on fluctuating workloads. This empowers you to operate more efficiently, respond effectively to changing demands, and remain competitive in today’s competitive marketplace.

The traditional model of hiring full-time administrative staff is no longer the most effective solution for small law firms. By embracing a fractional approach to staffing and hiring administrative professionals on an hourly basis, you can significantly increase efficiency, profitability, work/life balance, and employee satisfaction.

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