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John Risvold: Prioritizing Powerful IP Over Fancy Legal Tech | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Don’t equate the legal technology changes that are happening in the courts, like E-Filing and the incorporation of video calls, with your law firm having to adopt all new tech to keep up with the times. While John D. Risvold likes the technology changes he sees in the legal system, he credits IP—his own pursuit of medical knowledge and expert support from family, friends, and his colleagues—for his practice’s success. With a focus on strong IP, a server (or cloud drive) and Microsoft 365 is all your firm needs to be profitable. Even the office is optional.

An IP focused law firm and the legal tech they use:

  • The Collins Law Firm minimal tech setup (01:21)
  • Examples of powerful IP at play in a law firm (06:31)
  • Marketing techniques and tools (25:10)
  • What John Risvold wants to see changed in the legal profession (41:20)

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“I haven’t been in the office in three weeks, but 2020 was one of the most successful years the firm has had in the last decade. It’s just a testament to everybody’s pulling together and hard work and making the technology work too.”

“We’re still getting cases resolved because of the expertise of folks at the firm, and the history of the firm and it’s experience.”

“The way things are going, if you have a good laptop, a good internet connection and you know how use Word, Excel, and Outlook, you can run an entire practice. You don’t need an office space. You don’t need any of the fancy case management systems…. You really can run the whole thing from a laptop and Excel and Outlook.”

“The pandemic [has] dragged our industry kicking and screaming from the mid-18th century to the present…. Carbon paper is such a hot commodity in Cook County that the judges have written their courtroom numbers on them and ‘Do not steal’….Hopefully, now that they’ve decided to do smart things like digital orders and PDF orders and email…we shouldn’t be handwriting orders [any longer.]”


John Risvold

John, a personal injury trial lawyer at The Collins Law Firm P.C., has dedicated his career to fighting those responsible for injuring his clients. He focuses his practice on traumatic brain injury, car and truck crashes, medical negligence, nursing home neglect, and catastrophic personal injury. He spends the majority of his practice helping victims of catastrophic injury obtain justice.

Instagram: @johnrisvoldesq



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