As COVID-19 quickly spread across the U.S. earlier this year, lawyers in large and small firms began embarking on an unprecedented shift: remote work from anywhere through virtual offices. According to a recent Bloomberg Law survey, 84% of firms polled said at least three-quarters of their attorneys have been working remotely since March.

But for Amata Law Office Suites, made of a community of more than 700 attorneys in the Chicagoland area, the concept of virtual officing is nothing new. Now with seven Loop locations, virtual services for lawyers, including phone systems, live receptionists and legal support, have been Amata’s foundation since 2012.

David Kirsh, who has specialized in family law for roughly 40 years and whose work has been repeatedly recognized by his peers, joined the Amata community in September after leaving his former firm, Berger Schatz. A solo lawyer establishing a new client base, sometimes through Amata’s community of lawyers, he recognized that attorneys meet clients more infrequently in person.

“I didn’t see a need for a traditional office,” Kirsh said. After researching, he determined that Amata’s virtual office options, which provide him with a mailing address and conference room when needed, were a perfect fit. Plus, he already knew several Amata lawyers.

Working in this way creates more flexibility in Kirsh’s schedule, an aspect he finds especially important now. Amata’s legal support team, including paralegals with 110 years of combined at-work experience, allows him to focus on practicing law. He can simply send a document, ask for it to be reviewed, filed in court, or notarized, and they will do so without requiring his in-person supervision.

“The fact that Amata offers paralegals and other staff when I need them is a huge advantage,” he said.

While virtual offices might be new for some, many believe they are here to stay. The Bloomberg Law survey also cites that 86% of people polled expect law firms to continue offering work-from-home options once the pandemic ends. 

Kirsh believes COVID-19 has “forever” changed the practice of law and thinks other firms will soon be turning to Amata as a concept worth modeling. He said Amata is “perfectly attuned” to remote adjustments that attorneys are now making in their practices.

Call us or visit our website and take an online or in-person tour of one of our seven downtown spaces to learn how our virtual offices can help you successfully grow your law practice.

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