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Litigation Services: Win More Cases With Less Stress

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Litigation can be inherently stressful. There are counterparties, financial and reputational risks, and time-consuming processes. But could it be less stressful?

At Amata, we provide attorneys with litigation services, so they can take the administrative side of litigation off their plate and focus on strategy and client management. We allow attorneys to do their best work while we do everything else that is important to win cases: from scheduling court hearings to drafting motions and answers.

Two Reasons Why Attorneys Don’t Delegate

Most solo practitioners and small law firm owners have a corporate background. They experienced the comfort of having a paralegal attending administrative hearings on their behalf, researching cases in a fully-equipped library, and delegating calls to an assistant.

So when they took the leap to start their own firm, they gained more freedom and higher profits from their book of clients, but also gave up something important: a support team.

That is why the first reason why attorneys don’t delegate is that they simply cannot afford an army of paralegals, virtual assistants, and receptionists to support their work.

But there is another reason. Many times, attorneys assume hiring support staff is not only expensive but stressful. They are busy enough to add hiring, training, and managing a team to their plate.

Hiring more legal support staff then becomes a catch-22 situation for most attorneys. On the one hand, they are overworked and struggle to keep up with never-ending tasks and casework. But on the other hand, they have a tight budget.

Will a new employee be worth the investment? Will you have enough work to keep them occupied eight hours a day? Will revenue increase with this new hire?

That is why at Amata we created a solution that is cost-effective, flexible, and doesn’t add more stress to your plate.

Get Legal Support, Without the High Costs or Stress

Our team of paralegals, virtual assistants, and live receptionists act as an extension of your team. You can hire them hourly and not incur the costs, risks, and stress of hiring full-time employees. Only pay for the work that you actually need!

On-demand legal support is the affordable solution you’ve been looking for. During periods of intense workloads, our pre-vetted paralegals can help relieve you from the added stress. You can get more work done, focus on your clients, and grow your firm while protecting your profitability.

Here are the litigation support services that we provide on demand:

  • Electronic filing – state, federal, and administrative (IWCC, IDHR, EEOC).
  • Coordinate/schedule court hearings, depositions, mediations, expert witnesses.
  • Draft simple motions and answers.
  • Coordinate service of process with the sheriff or private process server.
  • E-discovery consultation (tools for litigation hold/preservation, document review platforms, document production planning, etc.).
  • Draft routine motions, orders, and affidavits (i.e. motion for leave to file sealed exhibits, motions for extension of time, motion to appoint special process server, motion for alternative service).
  • Appear for clerk’s status call; administrative hearings; enter agreed orders.

Prior to any work being performed, our team members will review the scope of work with you and establish cost expectations. Our professional paralegals, printing and mailing services, live receptionists, and virtual assistants have different experience levels that adjust to your budget. Alternative fee and project-based fee arrangements are also available for certain projects.

The reality is that Amata started as a bootstrapped startup handling litigation copy work for attorneys. Giving you a healthier work/life balance and supporting your profitability is what moves us, and litigation services are an example of that.

So if you want to win more cases without stressing about court runs, assembling copies, coordinating depositions, preparing witnesses, and drafting subpoenas, contact us today and get a quote of our litigation support services.