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Mathew Dragatsis: The New Way to Scan and Search Legal Documents | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Mathew Dragatsis is the CEO of Scan Search, the new way to manage and retrieve documents. In this episode, Matthew talks about what the most difficult part of file retrieval and document management is, and how Scan Search completely eliminates that problem by making it so that you’re able to retrieve a file just like how you’d search on Google. Type any word or phrase that you remember from that document and you’ll find it, it’s as easy as that.

Matthew and Ron talk about the the best business practices, how to keep your relationship with clients and how Matthew was able to adjust, transition, and evolve with the changes that were required of his company. He also talked about the future features of scan search such as email integration, highlighting, and many more.

Key moments:

  • The most difficult part in file retrieval (1:17)
  • Eliminating the problem of indexing (8:46)
  • Evolving with technology and maintaining client relationships (15:47)
  • Future quality of life features (23:52)

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“If you’re not evolving exponentially with the technology that comes out, you’re gonna fall behind or you’re not gonna be able to capitalize on opportunities that are really out there for you.” – Mathew Dragatsis

Mathew Dragatsis


Mathew Dragatsis, Scan Search 

Document Imaging

Mathew Dragatsis has been the Founder of Radiant Solutions Corporation and CEO of their new product, Scan Search. He has almost 30 years of experience in document imaging and has served many different kinds of organizations with their document imaging, management, and retrieval needs.





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