Modern Office is Changing to Accommodate Small Businesses

Small businesses are having a great couple of years, and they are continuing to be optimistic towards the future. If you’re one of the many experiencing growth in your business, and evaluating office space, don’t go straight to the realtor’s office. Instead embrace the varied options available thanks to continued demand for flexible, cost-efficient space for small businesses.

Overhead for Permanent Offices is Shrinking in Shared Office Facilities

Looking for a brick-and-mortar location to house your business or team? There’s a better way than leasing large amounts of space at exorbitant costs and taking on all the property management responsibilities that come with it.

Now, you can enjoy private office space for your company at a much lower cost by sharing the community areas like reception, cafes and lounges. You’ll save on monthly expenses in not only your physical space but also in your staffing requirements as you’re able to take advantage of professional front-end staff members of the facility your company is located within.

Day Office Rentals Allow More Freedom

Many business owners simply need a place to meet, on occasion, with their clients. Either they work primarily from home, have a job that requires extensive travelling, or spend all day running around the city from meeting to meeting. If this describes you, day office rentals are a great option to keep costs down, while giving you a spot to work when you do need it.

Shared office providers offer everything from full private offices to rentable desks for the day. Whether you prefer the confidentiality of a classic office, or work best in a bubbling open coworking space, there is an option out there for you. And if your needs change you will find shared office providers allow an easy transition from this on-the-go virtual working into a more permanent space.

Business Addresses: When the Only Office You Need is at Home

Your business is just starting, you may even be working a different part-time job right now, and you have no need for meeting space or even a receptionist to answer your calls – not yet at least. What you need is a business address. An address that, when looked up by prospective clients or partners, does not return as a residential location.

Having a professional business address for your business is the ultimate way to say “I’m successful” without taking on the overhead costs of real office space. Not only will you enjoy the privacy of not giving out your home address, but you can take advantage of mail handling services – such as scanning and forwarding — that make it a breeze to still receive all your incoming correspondence in a timely manner. Like the options listed above, you can find business addresses and mail services at your local shared office space provider.

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