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Networking Is a Dirty Word

Word of mouth networking is one of the most powerful (and affordable) marketing tactics to help grow your business. Not only will you build awareness about your company or practice, but you will also get opportunities to make lasting impressions by building relationships in relevant circles. Yet, due to pushy vendor tactics, networking has become a “dirty word” in some circles. Included in your Amata membership are live events and online resources that provide such opportunities at each Amata Office Center location. Whether you connect in the café, knock on each other’s door, or meet in the comfort of the cognac room, Amata members have many points of contact and venues to build working relationships and identify potential referral sources.

Put Yourself “Out There”

After 16 years of creating shared office space in downtown Chicago, Amata makes it incredibly easy to get to know your neighbors. To create a friendly exchange of ideas, you need only change your surroundings.

  • Open-Up: Stop by the café for a refreshment, or to work from one of the comfortable booths, seats, or couches. Helpful and intriguing conversations often begin in passing or when you look up from your work.
  • Show-Up: Attend, host, or even sponsor events at your center. This will allow you to interact with your neighbors and identity potential synergies.

“AmataNet” – The Exclusive Online Community

Your Amata Membership, gives you access to AmataNet, a members-only community where you can

  • See member profiles and company names
  • Talk shop with any of Amata’s 1,300 Chicago members and demonstrate your knowledge to potential referral sources
  • Get discounts and updates on member perks
  • Display posts and blog articles for members and prospective customers to understand your talents
  • Reserve conference room time and pay your bill

Help for Attorneys

More than 60% of Amata members are attorneys, so we developed support services specific to their needs:

  • Get New Clients: Attorneys at Amata frequently refer new clients to each other when they can’t help them for any reason. We help get attorneys talking to each other outside of work and free from stress through simple gatherings for drinks after work, free breakfasts and lunches, as well as appetizers after work.
  • Talk About Law: You can catch up with CLE credits for ethics or get free lunch and learn opportunities with other Amata attorneys in the convenience of your office suite. In the process, you may create a helpful relationship while working.

Contact us for more information about networking opportunities in Chicago.