Community & Events » Odell Mitchell III: Musician, Visual Artist, Single Father, and Lawyer for Creatives | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Odell Mitchell III: Musician, Visual Artist, Single Father, and Lawyer for Creatives | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

It started as a means to an end. Now it’s a passion filled career. Odell Mitchell III gives us a peak behind the curtain at life as an entertainment lawyer running his own firm, as a single father of two young girls, and as an African American man in the legal industry.

Key moments:

  • A glimpse into Entertainment Law (05:51)
  • Juggling single fatherhood and running a law firm (22:43)
  • Music and performance in the time of Covid-19 (27:17)
  • Being African American in a creative industry versus legal industry at large (30:56)

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“For me as an African American male we usually cannot like look back and see a lot of our lineage – or it’s harder to do. And so that’s something I hold very dear to me. The fact that I have that. So, I’ve always tried to incorporate it somehow.”

“As things have moved from more analog to more digital it has opened up so much more opportunity for artists and creatives alike…. There are more places where they could have control. But it also means there are more places for other entities to try to take back control.”

“These days people want to like who they’re working with. They want to feel like they have access to you. They want to feel like they can connect with you. And those things in a lot of ways are imperative [now], whereas they might have been ‘nice to have’ not even that long ago.”

“I’m certainly not shy about being a single parent. I don’t think you can be…. I am fortunate that I am able, at this point to enlist the right level of support. I don’t have a lot of people around me – I do most of it by myself – but I have a few trusted avenues…. I think it’s really hard for single parents and it gets missed a lot there. Again, especially for women in the workforce.”


Odell Mitchell

Odell practices in the heart of Chicago, IL. He earned a BM in Music Business and an independent study in graphic design from Millikin University. He earned his JD from IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Prior to founding Thirdinline Legal, Odell operated as a manager, recording engineer, producer and creative director. As a musician and visual artist himself, he understands the needs of the creative entrepreneur firsthand. With over 10 years of experience in the arts and entertainment industries, Odell is pleased to unite his passions of creativity and the law to provide excellent legal services to other entertainment, business, and creative professionals.

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