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Practicing Law Without The Errands

It’s 3:30 pm and you are in the middle of a client meeting. You know City Hall closes at 4:30 p.m., yet you still need to obtain certified copies for an important hearing tomorrow at 8 a.m. What are you going to do?

Running a solo or small law firm can be stressful. There are so many tasks that need to be done, and they need to be done well. The American Bar Association called missing any filing deadline ‘a lawyer’s worst nightmare’. So the question arises:

Should you delegate those small but important errands? And who can you trust to handle things like obtaining Apostille, filing police reports, and paying court fees?

That is one of the questions that prompted us to create our attorney support services packages. We recognized solo practitioners and small law firms needed administrative tasks to be done correctly and efficiently, because mistakes or delays could have serious legal consequences. So we built a team of professionals specialized in ensuring documents, filings, and other legal tasks.

Can You Afford To Delegate Your Daily Legal Errands?

While attorneys need their daily legal errands to be executed on time and with precision, they also face cash flow constraints. This means most of them are not in a position yet to hire a full-time paralegal who can offload their work and allow them to focus on their billable hours.

Will a new hire be worth the money lost to the firm? Will there be enough work to keep them occupied eight hours a day?

This is where Amata’s on-demand, specialized legal support can be your solution. Our paralegals bill hourly, so you can use them only during periods of intense workloads or on a more consistent basis. They provide you the flexibility and savings you’ve been looking for, so you can get more done and focus on your firm’s growth plus providing an exceptional service to clients.

By using paralegals on an as-needed basis, you can reduce your fixed payroll costs and only pay for services that can generally be billed back to your clients.

4 Benefits of Delegating for Lawyers

Most of our clients come to us for our office space-as-a-service plans. This flexible and scalable model allows you to add or drop office space in the middle of a lease, without penalties.

But once they start to also use on-demand legal support, they never look back.

The reason is simple: even if there is an investment, there is nothing like knowing your tedious tasks are being done for you, while you can focus on more fulfilling and productive activities.

You probably have mixed feelings about delegating daily runs to courts, clerk’s offices, and sheriff’s offices, so here are 4 benefits that will help you make a decision:

        1. Enhanced Focus on Core Legal Work: Delegating daily errands allows you to dedicate more time and attention to your core legal work, such as client consultations, legal research, document preparation, case strategy, and court appearances.
        2. Opportunity Cost: Time spent on administrative tasks could be better used for tasks that directly generate revenue or serve their client’s legal needs. By delegating your daily runs, you can focus on higher ROI activities and in turn grow your law firm.
        3. Reduced Stress and Burnout: The legal profession can be demanding and stressful, and many lawyers face burnout due to the constant pressure and long hours. Delegating daily errands can alleviate some of this stress, reduce the risk of burnout, and contribute to a healthier work-life balance by allowing you and your team to reclaim personal time.
        4. Increased Client Satisfaction: By delegating daily errands and administrative tasks, you will have more time and energy to provide better service to your clients. Happy clients refer and are more likely to return for future legal needs.

To sum up, delegating your daily runs to a trusted provider allows you to focus on your core billable work, provide better service to clients, and free up space to grow your practice — all while reducing stress and administrative headaches.

What Kind of Errands Can You Delegate?

Amata’s paralegal team makes daily runs to the Daley Center, Recorder’s Office, Secretary of State Office, and the Dirksen Federal Building. With an extended line of credit provided to all Amata clients, we can pay associated costs for your documents and filings, pick up certificates, search the court docket, and much more.

Here is a list of what you can delegate using our Daily Runs to Courts, Clerk’s and Sheriff’s Offices services:

  • Service of Process
  • Research of local court rules/procedures; pro hac vice admissions, foreign judgments, out-of-state subpoenas
  • Court docket searches and retrieval of documents – state, federal and administrative
  • Obtain certified copies
  • Obtain state corporate records on companies
  • File applications, amendments, annual reports, deeds, obtain Apostille, etc.
  • Police reports
  • FOIA requests
  • Pay fees
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Delivery courtesy copies
  • Record deeds
  • Water certificates
  • Estimates of Redemption
  • Obtain duplicate tax bill
  • Pay code violation orders

So the next time that you are pressed for time and wonder if there’s a team you can confidently delegate your legal errands to, give us a call. We will pick up certificates, search the court docket, deliver courtesy copies, and do any other tedious but important task for you.