virtual office receptionist

Back in the days of traditional law firms, people had receptionists at their front desks who knew the business and fielded attorney calls. In this modern land of telecommuting, and shared and co-working office space, the modern day equivalent to a receptionist became a Call Answering Service.

Benefits of Call Answering Services

Flexible Call Scripts

Customized greetings for your firm, with dialogue that shifts depending on who is calling.

Detailed Notes and Messages

When you’re not available, your potential and current clients still feel taken care of after leaving a message behind, and you won’t miss any important information mentioned during the call.

Fast Answer Times

Your incoming call will ring at multiple phones in a call center all at once, meaning your line is picked up immediately.

Cons of Call Answering Services

Faceless Call Answering

Every time a client calls back, a different voice answers, and it feels like their first time calling all over again.

Not Intuitive

That call from an opposing lawyer who is on vacation? It got pushed to voicemail because you were on the other line. Call Answering Services can only act on what notes you leave, so for situations you don’t anticipate, you will be the one who misses out.

A New Alternative to Impersonal Call Answering Services

We weren’t satisfied with the impersonal nature of Call Answering Services, so we came up with our own solution. Amata’s Reception Services is the best of both worlds. The receptionist you and your clients hear on the other end will remain the same. That’s because all of your phone calls will ring to your chosen Virtual Office receptionist. The few occasions your regular receptionist is busy, 6 others are ready to promptly answer your phone.

Your Amata receptionist is more than just a voice, they know who you are, they know your business, and they will learn your clientele. Providing you with the best service possible, and changing the game from impersonal to personable.

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