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Running a ‘Lean & Mean’ Boutique Law Firm

“I walked away from my law career to save my health.” This is how Jamie Sign, an attorney in California, titled her article. The post has more than a hundred likes and comments from other lawyers empathizing with her struggles working with “Big Law.”

The reality is that mental health is becoming a top priority for lawyers of all ages. Sacrificing everything at the altar of success is no longer the only narrative that’s available for attorneys. Today, new voices for sustainable work-life balance are rising.


Revenue Is Vanity, Profit Is Sanity

As a law firm owner, you may find yourself in a tricky situation where your firm wants to grow but doesn’t want to deal with more complexity. In the beginning, it may have been just you and a couple of friends, but as you expanded the team, the expenses started to pile up. Now, you have more mouths to feed, and the pressure of bringing in new business and expanding the business can accumulate like a pressure cooker.


At that point, you may find yourself making more revenue but receiving less actual-cash-in-hand at the end of each month. Making less profit while stressing more is hard enough to discourage even the most enthusiastic lawyers, and that’s when the question pops up:

Should I go back to when my law firm was a simpler business, I was making good money, and we had a small but might team?

For some, the answer is definitely yes. Attorneys like Jamie Rubin (who we interviewed in The 1958 Lawyer Podcast) intentionally decided to stay “lean & mean.” He runs a boutique law firm in a niche market, where they can focus on doing great work for a handful of clients.


The question is, what if you still want to grow your law firm but do it in a way that’s profitable and keeps you sane?



Finding Your Sweet Spot for Profitable Growth

Venture-backed companies have popularized the notion of scaling, and it has become the promised land for many companies. But for bootstrapped companies, a healthier, more realistic notion is that of sustainable growth.


Each organization needs to find its sweet spot between growth and profitability. In periods of high growth, it’s okay to invest heavily in new team members, software, advertising, and infrastructure. But there are also periods of retaining clients, improving systems, and streamlining costs, which are essential to maintaining a healthy balance.


At Amata, we want to make this balancing act easier with our Fractional Support Services. With them, you can hire paralegals, virtual assistants, and legal support staff on an hourly basis. Our pre-made packages can save you up to 60% compared to a full-time employee, and also save you time on recruiting new employees.



With the right setup, you can generate a healthy profit margin while still having steady growth and room to hire and delegate. Your core team can be composed of only the full-time hires that you are essential to your firm, like the owner and associates. Your fractional team can be composed of paralegals, virtual assistants, and on-site admin staff.


Whether you expand or contract, your fractional team can adjust and protect your profitability. We even have a pay-as-you-need-it model when none of our pre-made packages suit your needs.


In this way, you can run a profitable ‘lean & mean’ law firm that allows you and your employees to enjoy a healthy work-life balance with steady growth.

Interested in learning how our Fractional Support Services can get you there? Contact our team here and we’ll answer any questions for you.