Community & Events » Ryan Kimler: How a Fractional CFO can Help a Firm’s Profitability | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Ryan Kimler: How a Fractional CFO can Help a Firm’s Profitability | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Ryan Kimler is the Founder of Financial Clarity, working with solo and partner practice law firms, bringing them financial clarity to grow their law practice into successful and profitable businesses. In this episode, Ryan talks about how important financial discipline and accounting is for a law firm and how invaluable the guidance of a CFO or accountant can be on that regard.

They also discuss how the CFO and accountant is not only useful for keeping your law firm financially uncompromised, but also to project future earnings and actions that must be taken to ensure the firm’s profit for each of its members.

Key moments:

  • Why does a law firm need a CFO (0:50)
  • Getting past the frustration of the financial aspect of running a law firm (10:15)
  • Reducing the time spent trying to manage IOLTA accounts (19:03)
  • Tips for saving your law firm’s funds and increasing it’s income(21:04)

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Ryan Kimler

“Accounting and finance doesn’t have to be the scary part of your firm… we want to be your guide, help you out, give you a clear direction and clean financials and bring clarity around the numbers of your law firm” – Ryan Kimler


Ryan Kimler, Founder of Financial Clarity

CFO and Accounting for Law Firms

Ryan Kimler is an Accountant and CFO. His passion is in helping attorneys run their law firm by the numbers to increase profitability and cash flow. He helps attorneys spend more time working on their business instead of in their business so that lawyers can get back to crushing their business instead of the other way around.






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