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Simplify Your Day With Admin Assistants

Lawyer life is hectic, and devoting time to administrative tasks diverts your attention away from working on your cases. Amata provides administrative assistant services in Chicago that will alleviate your burden. We pair you with a knowledgeable administrative assistant to handle day-to-day administrative tasks while allowing your firm to focus on more important ones. 

How Amata Can Make a Difference In Your Practice

Administrative Assistants

Amata’s administrative assistant services are available on an ongoing or temporary basis, depending on your law firm’s needs. We are committed to providing outstanding service at a reasonable price throughout the entire time you work with our team. Our trained professionals work closely with your firm and senior staff members to achieve the best possible result.

When you need us, we deliver the following administrative assistant services: 

  • Billing & data entry 
  • Binding 
  • Copying 
  • Document delivery 
  • Document translation (uncertified)
  • Document witness 
  • Electronic filing services 
  • Interpreter – on-site (call for additional languages) 
  • Interpreter – remote (on demand) 
  • Notary services 
  • Postage services 
  • Scanning 
  • Shredding 
  • Skip Tracing 
  • Translation/Interpreter Services 

Our main objective is to free up your time so that you can focus on growing your law firm, expanding your network, and serving clients. Your administrative assistant in Chicago is highly trained to produce exceptional work that meets today’s busy law firm needs.

Start a Conversation With Us Today

At Amata, we value your work as much as you do. With our administrative assistant services in Chicago, we take the guesswork out of filling support gaps. Let’s talk today by calling us at 1.888.358.8692 or sending us a message here. 

Why Hire an Administrative Assistant?

By providing superior administrative support, Amata’s services empower law firms. Our administrative assistants in Chicago possess a unique set of skills and experience that solo and small law firms demand. This feature ensures that you don’t waste time chasing around projects or disappointing clients.

The Power of Our Administrative Support Services in Chicago

Outsourcing your administrative services needs to Amata will help you manage your budget, reduce overhead expenses, and more. We empower your firm to meet demands without having to worry about internal staffing.

Additional advantages of working with Amata include:

  • Benefit #1. Reduced stress when handling last-minute deadlines 
  • Benefit #2. Maximizing your law firm’s bottom line 
  • Benefit #3. Creates extra time to dedicate towards your caseload 
  • Benefit #4. Access to a skilled and experienced workforce 
  • Benefit #5. Ability to tailor project specifications to your specific needs 

Amata is well-suited for a variety of individual administrative assistant projects, allowing you to maintain complete control over your workflow. We offer easy modes of communication, including messenger, text, email, phone, and video chat, so that you can seamlessly let us know how we can serve you better.

About Our Administrative Assistants

How We Compensate Administrative Assistants

We compensate Amata administrative assistants according to their experience, training, and expertise. Many of them come from working in-house and directly with lawyers. As such, they are familiar with the style, tone, and cadence at which you work.

Training Closely With Senior Staff Members

Amata may also hire administrative assistants with less than three years of experience. However, we recognize these individuals as standouts among other qualified applicants with promising legal careers. Our senior staff members work with them closely to help them gain experience for future advancement within our organization.

Prefer the Same Assistant? No Problem

Many of our clients prefer to work with the same administrative assistant throughout the time they use Amata’s services. We will match your needs with the most qualified candidate so that you engage in high-quality work while lowering your operating expenses and overhead.

Amata Works as an Extension of Your Law Firm

Dedicated Administrative Assistants

Are you tired of working with assistants on a short-term basis? Team up with a dedicated Amata administrative assistant who will become familiar with your methodologies. This allows you to focus on your craft without paying too much mind to administrative details.

Administrative Assistants On-Demand

Don’t let your caseload spiral out of control during busy periods. Work with an administrative assistant who handles stress well and can reliably complete essential tasks. Amata will find the time and resources to take some of the pressure off.

Control Your Operating Budget

Administrative assistant services are more affordable than you think. We offer our services on flat and hourly rates

so that you are NEVER caught off guard. Amata bills clients transparently and by the minute, not the hour, so that you don’t pay for more services than you use.

Let Us Stand In Line For You

Have you ever needed to make a run to the courthouse but felt crunched for time?

No problem: Amata has got your back!

We send team members to the County Clerk’s Office, Recorder’s Office, Secretary of State, Sheriff’s Office, and the Federal Building each day. Not only can we file or pick up documents, but we can also pay for copies, deliver courtesy copies, or handle any other task that comes your way.

Just let us know how we can help, and we’ll be there.

Do You Need Administrative Assistant Services in Chicago?

Our administrative assistant services are available to fulfill your standalone needs or as part of our other attorney support services. Amata serves law firms in the Chicagoland area and throughout Illinois. We empower our clients by offering services that they truly need and nothing more.

You do not have to sacrifice client and case management standards due to staffing issues. Connect with the Amata team to learn more about your options. Call 1.888.358.8692 to start a conversation now, or send us a message here directly and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.