Office Space » Small Business, Big Dreams. How Shared Office Space Can Change Your Business.

Small Business, Big Dreams. How Shared Office Space Can Change Your Business.

Small Business, Big Dreams. How Shared Office Space Can Change Your Business.So you’re a small business. That doesn’t mean for a second that you can’t have big dreams.

Do you find yourself drooling over successful business owners and asking, “why not me”? Don’t waste time doubting or convincing yourself that you don’t have the means to be successful. You and your small business have the ability to become a huge success if only you set yourself up for it.

To be in the slim 20% bracket of businesses that succeed, you need to be able to troubleshoot quickly without spending a lot of cash. A shared office space can provide everything you need to run your business, so you spend your time and money doing your business. If you’re truly interested in being successful, but are on a tight budget, this solution allows for you to direct all of your focus where it matters most: your business.

Most successful business owners will tell you that success doesn’t come from spending tons of money. It comes from spending money in the right places. And most new (even established) businesses can’t afford to spend $5,000 a month on a prestigious Chicago business address. But what many business owners don’t know is that for a very small fraction of that cost, you actually can have just that.

Amata has six buildings that offer shared office space in Chicago. These are top-of-the-line, class-A, prominent buildings with attention-grabbing features; beautiful lobbies, door and reception personnel, and impressive addresses. Just what your small business needs to attract the clients with big money.

Other perks of a shared office space in Chicago? We have conference rooms to meet with your clients that feature digital display boards. Every office includes wireless set up with dedicated IP for your workgroup or series of offices and access to High-Definition Video units. We also offer High Speed Fiber Network with VOIP Cisco Communication Systems.

And those are just the technical aspects of a shared office space. How about having a phone-answering service or a receptionist who greets your clients when they arrive off the elevator? We have that too. Each Amata shared office space incorporates use of all amenities, which include a café with coffee and tea for you and your clients.

Now to some, this may sound like a lot of fluff. Why spend money on these things at all when you are trying to get a business off the ground? Who needs a receptionist and even a business front for that matter, when you can just run your business out of your home and do it all for free, right? Wrong. This may be acceptable for some businesses, but for those that have to meet with clients, like lawyers or realtors, you will find it difficult to gain any credibility running a business out of your home, especially in Chicago. We aren’t judging, we are simply speaking the truth.

What we want to convey is that renting a shared office space really can give you the chance to become the big business that you desire to be. Yes, you will spend more money than you would working from home, but this is the type of spending we mentioned earlier, where you are spending money in the right place; investing in legitimizing your company and your reputation. A  Chicago shared office space is basically a pre-packaged business in a box. Everything you need to conduct a professional business is provided for you at an affordable cost. All you have to do is show up to work and do your job.