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Steve Mesirow: Mesirow Financial | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Steve Mesirow is the Senior Managing Director in Mesirow Wealth Management and he has been providing expert investment advice and financial planning strategies to his clients for over 25 years. In this episode, Steve talks about how law businesses are at a disadvantage because they register their taxes at the highest rates. He discussed all the ways in which lawyers can build and protect their wealth in a tax-advantaged way.

Through systems called Cash Balance Plan, Donor Advised Funds, Profit-sharing, or Roth IRA, lawyers can do their best at their career without losing any of their well-earned money. Steve also talks about all the ways in which his company helps people – lawyers or otherwise – worry about things that are impactful, helping them save money in ways that are meaningful in the big picture.

Key moments:

  • Building and protecting wealth through a cash balance plan(2:07)
  • Deduction through donor advised funds (14:02)
  • The difference between fiduciary and non-fiduciary (23:22)
  • Saving money in meaningful ways  (26:41)

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Steve Mesirow

“The best use of your time is to work on your business and not be following down the rules of different financial planning aspects or chasing down a couple of stocks. That might not be the best utilization of your time.” – Steve Mesirow


Steve Mesirow, Senior Managing Director in Mesirow Financial

Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Steven Mesirow is a Senior Managing Director in Mesirow Wealth Management. He provides investment advice and financial planning strategies to individuals, business owners and charitable organizations that are designed to help accumulate, manage and preserve wealth.

Steven joined the firm in 1993 and has more than 25 years of financial services experience.

Steven serves on the Jewish United Fund Health and Human Services subcommittee. He has developed a social investment strategy; Mesirow Impact Management – a portfolio strategy that invests in companies with a positive corporate culture.

Steven earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in history/political science from the University of Michigan, a Master of Arts in history from the University of Maryland and a Management Aptitude Test in teaching from the American University. Steve is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional and a Certified Fund Specialist™ (CFS™).



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