Achieving Sustainable Growth as a Law Firm Owner

Can you grow your business revenue without working longer hours?

The Fastest Way to Access Qualifying Witnesses for Your Notary Procedures

Notary services are a must for lawyers. The problem is that authenticating documents, certifying copies, and maintaining records are all time-consuming activities that do not add directly to your bottom line or energize most lawyers. So, following Amata’s philosophy of delegating as a way to grow your practice while enjoying life, we believe in most cases notary-related tasks should be delegated.

The New Hybrid Office Model for Law Firms Is Here to Stay

Collier’s North America Law Firm Advisory Group Spotlight Report found that, in 2023, only one out of every five attorneys will return to the office full-time. The other 80% will embrace the hybrid model. Some lawyers will share offices with others, rotating office time with work-from-home time. Others will work mainly from home, attending the office only when they need it.

The Strategic Advantages of Downtown Chicago

Chicago’s office building occupancy now sits at 55 percent, up from 13 percent at the height of the pandemic. This new data collected by Crain’s Chicago Business confirms a post-pandemic high in office building occupancy rates.

Law Firm Billing: How to Collect Payments in a Timely Manner

Billing can be a huge pain point for lawyers. In the 2023 Trends Report by Clio, it was found that 14% of billable hours never get invoiced and, from those that get invoiced, 11% never get paid by clients. This means a significant portion of most law firms’ profits never reach their bank account.

How to Stay Relevant in a Rapidly Changing Market

According to CB Insights, 35% of businesses fail because there is no market need. All the growth potential of your business lies in its ability to pivot and meet the dynamic needs of a rapidly changing world.

How can you do this in practical terms? It all comes down to a commitment to innovation and service, which is exactly what this article will showcase through Amata’s case study.

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