The Real Cost of Not Having a Virtual Receptionist

Most lawyers who went solo came from a corporate background, so they know what it’s like to put in 60 hours of work each week. The difference is that, when they start their own firm, they have to keep doing all the legal work PLUS the countless tasks of managing a business.

Appellate Briefs Legal Support

Amata eliminates the time-consuming task of preparing, reviewing, and filing appellate briefs. Our appellate briefs paralegal services in Chicago’s legal and financial districts have years of experience that your law firm can trust. Additionally, we review briefs for compliance against local court rules to ensure your caseload doesn’t miss a beat.

Daily Runs to Courts, County Clerk’s, and Sheriff’s Offices

Amata has been a trusted resource for Chicagoland area attorneys when they need to retrieve vital records, record land deeds, eFile and search the court docket. Our team of paralegals, legal admins and docket clerks make daily trips to Cook County Courts, the Clerk’s Office and Sheriff’s office to retrieve vital records, conduct court docket searches, record deeds and many other tasks. All client requests are handled confidentially and expediently. Our team is familiar with all local courts and county offices and are able expedite most matters. We ensure your legal delivery need is met on time, every time.

3 “Hidden” Services of a Shared Office

Turn-key offices. Flexible contracts. Unlimited networking opportunities.

The social and financial benefits of coworking have been well documented, fueling a rapid expansion that has made Class A office space accessible to freelancers and entrepreneurs who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

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