Six Things That Keep a Paralegal Up at Night

A great paralegal strives to deliver work on time and accurately. They’re also vital to law firms because they handle everyday tasks on several cases at a time to keep the caseload moving in the right direction. They have the skills and talents they need to succeed every day, even in a busy legal environment.

Five Things to Look for in Shared Office Space

In the past, law firms were known for sprawling offices, where even the most junior associates had their own private workspace. That changed as larger firms adopted standard-size offices, open floor plans and clustered workstations, and a growing cadre of lawyers — particularly solo practitioners — moved to shared offices.

What Top AM100 Law Firms Get For Law Support

Do you dream of being at an AM 100 law firm? The benefits are fantastic. Higher salaries. Huge offices. What if you could have the vaunted support system of an AM100 firm even though you are a relatively new lawyer just starting your practice?

The Value Of Paralegal Services

For growing law firms, the value of a paralegal services can be clear – attorneys can increase billable hours, decreasing the cost to their clients, and increase the profitability of their law practice.

Case Assessment Legal Support Services

Amata’s case assessment support services in Chicago will handle routine office and administrative tasks required to keep a law firm running smoothly. Our services are extensive and help you gain a competitive advantage through efficiency. We work to free up your schedule so that you can focus on navigating your caseload.

Appellate Briefs Legal Support

Amata eliminates the time-consuming task of preparing, reviewing, and filing appellate briefs. Our appellate briefs paralegal services in Chicago’s legal and financial districts have years of experience that your law firm can trust. Additionally, we review briefs for compliance against local court rules to ensure your caseload doesn’t miss a beat.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Closing Services

Amata offers residential and commercial real estate closing services to law firms in Chicago. Our office handles legal document preparation and processing that delivers superior service at a fair price. We take pride in providing professional legal and administrative services with years of experience behind us.

Daily Runs to Courts, County Clerk’s, and Sheriff’s Offices

Amata has been a trusted resource for Chicagoland area attorneys when they need to retrieve vital records, record land deeds, eFile and search the court docket. Our team of paralegals, legal admins and docket clerks make daily trips to Cook County Courts, the Clerk’s Office and Sheriff’s office to retrieve vital records, conduct court docket searches, record deeds and many other tasks. All client requests are handled confidentially and expediently. Our team is familiar with all local courts and county offices and are able expedite most matters. We ensure your legal delivery need is met on time, every time.

Discovery and E-Discovery Services

Amata’s discovery paralegal services in Chicago support attorneys when gathering evidence during the discovery phase. Our discovery and e-discovery legal support team possess the necessary skills and abilities to assist attorneys with all facets of the discovery stage. You can rely on our legal staff to deliver responsive and transparent services.

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