When to Hire Law Firm Staff

When is it the right time to hire law firm staff? Is my business ready to expand? Before you hire more employees, consider the benefits and options of ALSPs.

What are Contract Paralegals? Can They Benefit My Law Firm?

Paralegals serve a critical function in larger law firms, providing client work at a billable hour but lower rate for clients, and freeing up the attorney’s time to work on more complex matters. But

Reduce the Pressures to Make Deadlines, While Increasing Your Firm’s Profitability

Businesses and individuals have become savvy consumers when it comes to the costs associated with legal services. For this article we will focus on solo practice and partner practice law firms and save the discussion on how large firms are working with ALSP’s for another day.

Issuing Out-of-State-Subpoenas in Illinois | Paralegal Corner

For attorneys that don’t practice in Illinois, this article explains how you can get your subpoena issued from out-of-state. Assuming that you only want to obtain information or documents from a company in Cook County, we will expand that county’s procedures for forms and how to eFile in a way that makes the process quick and painless.

Mellisa Grisel: Unbundled Legal Services Provide a Bright Future for Law | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Few attorneys build their law firm against the billable hour. Mellisa Grisel is one of those. Atlas Legal Services, LLC, was made to offer flat fee “unbundled” legal services and provide affordable assistance to the under-represented.

Legal Support Lets Lawyers Do What They Do Best – Practice Law

The average lawyer in the continental United States spends just 2.5 hours a day on billable work, according to the 2019 Legal Trends Report by Clio, a law firm software provider.

Attorneys can now use RON (Remote Online Notarization) in Illinois! Here’s how it works.

Governor Pritzker has approved an executive order for remote online notarization (RON) of documents. This executive order will be in place while the Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation is in force.

How to Get Affordable Support for Your Law Firm

Hiring more legal support staff is a catch-22 situation for most lawyers. On the one hand, they are overworked, struggling to keep up with never ending tasks and casework. On the other hand, they have…

3 Reasons You Should Use On-Demand Paralegals

Work-load fluctuation is often the most frustrating aspect of running a law firm. It makes it impossible to project profits, and should you experience a large influx of work, it can be stressful. On one hand you want to be able to accept all clients that come your way, on the other, you can’t take on more than the work week allows.

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