Reception Services: Make Sure To Keep Your Phone Number

Many businesses are familiar with the need to connect their contact phone number with their company name, and depending on how long they’ve been in business, have already accomplished it. In this regard, a daunting prospect for many business owners is the notion of having to change it. Unfortunately, this can be the case for those who are needing to change or add phone services, as many providers will not allow them to keep their existing number in the process.

Ways Virtual Law Firms Can Improve Communication With Clients

Virtual law firms have seen a rise in popularity over the last several years. But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a bigger boost in the demand for virtual legal professionals.

Mathew Dragatsis: The New Way to Scan and Search Legal Documents | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Mathew Dragatsis is the CEO of Scan Search, the new way to manage and retrieve documents. In this episode, Matthew talks about what the most difficult part of file retrieval and document management is, and how Scan Search completely eliminates that problem by making it so that you’re able to retrieve a file just like how you’d search on Google. Type any word or phrase that you remember from that document and you’ll find it, it’s as easy as that.

Geo Bellas: Forty-Years of Game-Changing Tech for Law Firms | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

His law firm’s first game-changing tech adoption was a trio of fax machines that outpaced the competition and he says AI is the next big player. But Geo Bellas – nicknamed Geo as a reference to Neo in The Matrix – hasn’t been a techie simply because of the success it’s brought his practice over the past forty years.

Legaltech News: Flexing Their Market Muscles, ALSPs Can Elicit Tech Discounts For Small Firms

While IT providers’ negotiations can lead to discount perks to small firms, they can also lead to awkward conversations and rescinding recommendations.

John Risvold: Prioritizing Powerful IP Over Fancy Legal Tech  | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Don’t equate the legal technology changes that are happening in the courts, like E-Filing and the incorporation of video calls, with your law firm having to adopt all new tech to keep up with the times. While John D. Risvold likes the technology changes he sees in the legal system, he credits IP…

Michelle Lawless: Relief Through Technology. How Family Law Clients Benefit from Tech-Savvy Firms. | The 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Family law is rife with emotion. Michelle Lawless kept that in mind when she built her solo family law practice, after a 19-year tenure at a successful Chicago family law firm. Balancing kindness with

Secure Potential Clients Today – Save Money & Time Down the Line

Most assume that by having a phone number, they are set. Like all areas of business, however, there is a better way, and attorneys who have this “better way” setup are not only maintaining the appearance that they are in their physical office right now, but they have also avoided the disruption to their business.

Being Remote: Lessons to Take Back to the Office

Remote working can be more than just an aberration in your firm’s history. Many attorneys are hoping measures like RON (which Gov. Pritzker is permitting in Illinois while the gubernatorial disaster proclamation is in place) and video conferencing for uncontested motions stay in effect long after the pandemic has passed. In the same context, measures put in place to manage your firm remotely can be brought back to the office to benefit your firm’s efficiency and bottom-line.

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