The Real Cost of Not Having a Virtual Receptionist

Most lawyers who went solo came from a corporate background, so they know what it’s like to put in 60 hours of work each week. The difference is that, when they start their own firm, they have to keep doing all the legal work PLUS the countless tasks of managing a business.

Practicing Law Without The Errands

It’s 3:30 pm and you are in the middle of a client meeting. You know City Hall closes at 4:30 p.m., yet you still need to obtain certified copies for an important hearing tomorrow at 8 a.m. What are you going to do?

3 Steps to Growing Your Law Firm

Growing a remarkable company is not an easy task. Building something that lasts requires time, work, resilience, and the ability to constantly pivot.

Litigation Support — What Solo and Small Law Firms Need to Know

The economy might be slowing down, but the demand for litigation is definitely not. A 2023 study by Thomson Reuters Corporation showed that the demand for counter-cyclical practices is accelerating — particularly litigation. BTI Consulting Group found that there is ‘more litigation than ever’, and Crowell & Moring stated in their Litigation Forecast 2023 that class actions will ‘continue to be a significant part of the litigation landscape.’

Virtual Office vs. Physical Office: Finding the Right Fit with Amata

Should you pick a physical office or a virtual workspace? There are benefits either way. A virtual office offers flexibility, cost savings, and remote access. But a physical office provides a dedicated space for collaboration and productive meetings.

The Most Dangerous Number for Law Firms

Keeping your law firm resilient and prepared for change is critical for its long-term success. This resiliency relies, in part, on your ability to pivot and stay agile in the face of change. But how can you achieve this resiliency in practical terms? Start by avoiding the number one.

Protecting Your Greatest Asset: The Lifesaving Power of Employee Benefits

Your company performs when your people do. A competitive benefits package can not only be good for your employees, but also a lifesaver for your law firm. In this article we’ll explore two out of many examples where putting employees first is paramount, and why you should think of insurance and benefits as an investment, not an expense.

Five Things to Look for in Shared Office Space (Revised)

Recent events in the shared office space realm compel me to update this article with a couple of very important points that were not mentioned originally. Today I met with an attorney who was originally introduced to me more than three years ago when he was considering changing his office space.

Law Firm Valuation Process and Considerations

Even if you’re not in the market to sell your law firm, there are several reasons to value your firm such as a possible firm merger, securing loan financing, the addition of new partners, and other business and personal matters such as your succession/exit strategy.

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