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The Fastest Way to Access Qualifying Witnesses for Your Notary Procedures

Can you grow a law firm remotely? This is exactly what one of our clients did. He continued growing his practice in Atlanta, virtually from Chicago:

“[Amata’s on-staff notary] is a huge, huge convenience for me,” says Michael Milliman, a Michigan attorney who has a satellite office in Chicago through Amata.

When clients call, they don’t necessarily know that Michael is located in Chicago or frequently traveling, which he attributes to the professionalism of Amata’s receptionists. This is one example of how our legal support and live reception services can help you practice law on your own terms.

Three people at a table during a document review, with one person handing over a document to another while a woman prepares to sign it.

We Run The Office, You Run Your Practice

Notary services are a must for lawyers. The problem is that authenticating documents, certifying copies, and maintaining records are all time-consuming activities that do not add directly to your bottom line or energize most lawyers. So, following Amata’s philosophy of delegating as a way to grow your practice while enjoying life, we believe in most cases notary-related tasks should be delegated.

One example of this is finding qualifying witnesses. As you probably know, the law requires that you have two witnesses when signing legal documents, and they cannot be connected to the business. Their presence adds an extra layer of credibility to the procedure, confirming that signatories are acting willingly and without coercion.

However finding, scheduling, and coordinating these witnesses can be a time-consuming activity, especially with growing law firms that deal with a large number of contracts, affidavits, wills, and power of attorney. That is why Amata provides you with these witnesses, and can also act as the notary.

Two people sitting at a table, reviewing and signing documents, focus on their hands and the paperwork.

With Amata, you get on-demand notary services and qualifying witnesses. With Amata’s notary services, lawyers can quickly access a qualified professional to verify signatures, administer oaths, and certify document copies—all right in their office space. This allows them to focus on the most important parts of the case, like getting the parties to agree.

We are the only office space provider in Chicago who equips their locations with legal admins, certified paralegals, notary services, and more. Our expert legal staff charges by the minute, not the hour, so you only pay for help as needed. By having witnesses readily available within the office environment, lawyers can eliminate the need to coordinate external witnesses and avoid the risk of delays.

These witnesses are not only qualified but also familiar with the specific requirements and protocols involved in witnessing legal documents. This familiarity ensures that the witnessing process adheres to all legal standards and regulations, providing an added layer of confidence in the authenticity of the signatures.

Beyond the time-saving benefits, Amata’s comprehensive notary and witness services contribute to a more secure and controlled legal environment. In-house services reduce the reliance on external parties, minimizing the potential for errors or complications that may arise when dealing with unfamiliar notaries and witnesses. This enhances the overall reliability of legal documentation and reduces the likelihood of disputes or challenges.

“Amata makes the transition from large law firm to solo practitioner virtually effortless. Secretarial and paralegal services are available at competitive rates on an ‘as needed, pay-as-you-go’ basis which is ideal for the solo practitioner or small law firm.”

Paula Kaplan Berger. BERGER LAW, LLC

The Fastest Way to Access Qualifying Witnesses for Your Notary Procedures

Having readily available witnesses and notary services is a game-changer for legal professionals. Every moment saved in admin procedures can be redirected towards billable hours, business-building tasks, and life-enjoyment activities. Lawyers get to focus on their core responsibilities, meet tight deadlines, and serve their clients more efficiently — while ensuring their notarization and witnessing processes are seamless, secure, and compliant with legal standards.

Reap the benefit of having on-demand support from legal staff you know and trust. Our law office spaces include readily available qualifying witnesses, centralized notary services, and much more. Contact our team to learn more.