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The July Attorney Social: Attorney Marketing Tips

Thank you to Advitam IP, LLC for hosting yet another wonderful attorney social for the Amata attorneys Wednesday night. Plenty of new faces were seen from diverse areas of practice and at one point contact cards were being dealt like a game of poker was about to begin.

Before the event attorneys were asked to submit their best marketing tips. All submissions were printed and hung on the walls and attendees voted for their favorite throughout the night. While specific tips benefitted certain practices more than others, everyone in attendance could agree that the key for success is always the simple matter of being personable and ending the job with work well done.

That being said, a clear winner pulled ahead at the end of the night with a great tip applicable to any type of practice. Congratulations to Michele Katz of Advitam IP, LLC for her winning marketing tip on creating email templates for client follow-ups!

Michele’s tip and all the other submissions are below. Thank you to all attorneys willing to share their tricks and tips and all who attended the event. You kept the atmosphere lively and the only thing flowing faster than the wine was the conversation. We hope to see you again this August for the final attorney social, the river cruise.

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Marketing Tips For Attorneys

  1. This tip is simple: Undercut the competition’s prices.
  2. Engage website visitors.
    Instead of a simple picture of you and your staff on your homepage:
    • Feature an engaging video (answer the questions you know they will have)
    • Offer a free book or report
    • Offer a free case evaluation
    • Provide a benefit calculator or a ‘How Much is my Case Worth’ form
    • Include a catchy headline
  3. Want referrals but don’t know how to ask?
    On your outgoing message, after you say you are unavailable, add a quick statement that says: If you were referred, please let me know who referred you so that I may thank them.

    It takes two minutes of your time, but allows everyone hearing the message to know that you want and accept referrals.

  4. Make your referral a concrete introduction.
    If a contact asks for a referral for a specific type of attorney, ask permission of the contact to make an email introduction between them and whomever you plan to refer them to.

    This extra step goes a long way toward the referral being “sticky” with the contact following up. Plus, the attorney receiving the referral will know how it originated.

  5. Add live chat and exit pop up technology to your website.
    According to American Marketing Association, live chat increases conversion by 20 percent and results in a 305 percent overall return on investment (ROI).
  6. Use Google ads.
    Google may be most readily viewed as a search engine company, but they make most of their money through advertising. With trackers on 2.2 million sites and 1 million apps, they have the data to ensure your ad is seen by the right people.

    Yelp ads can’t hurt, either.

  7. Do a good job, get client referrals and don’t overcharge.
  8. Get to know non-profits.
    Contact a local non-profit whose message focuses on potential clientele and see if you can do an event or presentation. Even a simple “Know Your Rights” presentation to the right group can provide you with leads.

    You can also partner with them to be their go-to referral if anyone asks for an attorney providing the services you do.

  9. Write a column in a local paper.
    Reach out to small, local newspapers and offer to write a weekly column about legal matters for free. The newspapers will usually allow you to add your contact info on the column so people can reach you.
  10. Michele’s Tip: Make an email template for follow ups.
    If you have to retype a follow up email every time you are less likely to get the task done. Make yourself a template with easy fill-ins for their name, where you met etc. You can save it as a signature and then quickly add it into a blank email on any platform. Or save it as an e-mail “Quick Step” on Microsoft Office.

    Dear ___,
    It was great meeting you at ___. We will keep in touch…

  11. Establish a strong social media presence.
    You want clients to be able to find you, and everyone has a preference on where they go for their information. So be everywhere. Make a Facebook page, update your Google business information, establish an Avvo profile.

    Make sure people can find you and rate you and spread the news on how you helped them.

  12. One-page newsletter sent by U.S. Postal Service to existing clients.
    We all receive hundreds of emails, sometimes in one day. Real mail has less competition. A one-page newsletter is easily skimmable; particularly if the topics talk about legal developments that interest.

    Your name and number should be included on the newsletter. Each time an issue goes out clients will call to ask questions or mention a relation who is having a similar problem. You will stay on their minds!