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The Schedule That Can Save The Office Worker’s Life

Interactive daily routine schedule in a coworking space for legal professionals, highlighting health-conscious breaks for increased productivity and wellness.

Some people dream of a job where they can sit on their bum all day. Obviously, these people don’t work behind a desk.

It’s no secret that sitting all day can be bad for our bodies, but do you know just how bad? Recent research has shown that being sedentary for long periods of time is literally killing us. Our chances are greatly increased for practically all ailments; heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc.  And that’s not all. Sitting at a desk all day can cause major spine and alignment issues, shoulder pain, eye strain and migraines if you stare at a computer, and wrist problems if using a keyboard.

The scary part is that even those who are physically active are still at “high risk.” So if regular exercise can’t combat this serious problem, what will?

As crazy as it may seem, creating a schedule to remind you to get up and move around may be the best solution. We use schedules to plan our life, why not one to help save it? And it is clear that we need it. Studies estimate that the average person is sedentary for 18-21 hours a day. Yikes! Our bodies are complex working machines. They weren’t made to just sit there.

Anyway, the best way to develop a habit is consistency and repetition. If it takes using a schedule to “train” you to use your body during the day then so be it.

To give you a starting point, we’ve created two schedules for you to download and print. They both include a breakdown of a 9-5 day into 50 minute intervals. One schedule includes a suggestion for physical activity during each 50 minute increment. The other schedule is blank and you can customize it as you wish! Print whichever one you think may work for you, or start with our suggestions until you develop some of your own ideas.

There are other ways to ensure you will have to stand up throughout the workday. Place the phone, printer, garbage can, etc. on the opposite side of the room from your desk, forcing you to get up to use these items. Try committing to standing during all phone conversations. Suggest meetings adapt to “standing allowed”. You can also purchase furniture such as adjustable desks that allow you to work sitting or standing at your preferred height or try sitting on a stability ball for a few hours a day rather than your office chair.

Whatever methods you use, just do it, because sitting around is killing you for real.

Download Workbreak Schedule

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