Attorney Support Services » Virtual Office vs. Physical Office: Finding the Right Fit with Amata

Virtual Office vs. Physical Office: Finding the Right Fit with Amata

Should you pick a physical office or a virtual workspace? There are benefits either way. A virtual office offers flexibility, cost savings, and remote access. But a physical office provides a dedicated space for collaboration and productive meetings.

Here are Amata we offer the perfect middle. With flexible office spaces, we can serve your needs with the advantages of both a physical and a virtual office. This article is going to explain how.

Virtual Office vs. Physical Office

Here are 3 ways we can help virtual offices:

Cost Efficiency

Virtual offices eliminate the need for physical space, utilities, and maintenance. This option helps businesses maintain profitability, so they can invest more into tech, team, and growth.

At Amata we offer cost-efficient virtual office solutions, so your business can maintain its professional presence without the overhead expenses of a traditional office space.


We understand the importance of adaptability in today’s fast-paced world. That is why we provide 12-month lease terms with 30-day adjustment notice periods, which allow you to quickly pivot if needed.

With our scalable plans, you can also add or reduce office space as needed during the term of the contract, without penalties. Our shared spaces also virtual law firms to maintain their professional image while reducing on the second largest expense for most professional service companies: office space. You can better allocate those resources to improve technology, serve more clients, and grow your team.

Access To Legal Support Services Chicago

Whether you opt for a virtual or physical office, Amata’s support services are readily available to smoothen your operations. Our pre-vetted professionals act as extension of your team including:

  • Administrative assistants
  • Paralegals
  • Live receptionists
  • Business phone services

All of which can off-load your essential but tedious tasks like phone answering, posting on social media, keeping your databases updated, and even drafting first drafts for important cases.

Here are 3 ways we can help non-virtual offices:

Modern, Professional Office

Amata’s modern office spaces in Chicago are strategically designed to project a professional image and an environment for enhanced productivity and collaboration. You can enjoy all the credibility, safe facilities, and fully-equipped offices from a large corporation, but without the costs or 5-year leases.

Collaborative Environment

Our physical offices are designed to promote your very best work, where collaboration and innovation can flourish. With a combination of private offices, strategically placed workstations and networking events, law firms and professional service firms can focus on client service while everything is taken care of for them.

Secure and Private Environment

Physical offices provide an unmatched level of security and privacy, which is particularly important for law firms and professional service firms. We equip our offices and conference rooms with robust security measures, ensuring your data and confidential meetings remain protected.

We Can Help You Grow, On Your Own Terms

The choice between virtual and physical offices depends on your unique situation. While virtual offices offer flexibility and cost savings, physical offices provide a professional space for enhanced productivity and collaboration. With our flexible office plans and scalable solutions, we ensure you’ll find the perfect solution for your business, whether you require a modern office space, virtual office services, or legal support in Chicago.

Contact our friendly team and discover your ideal office solution to grow — whether you work remotely, on-site, or with a hybrid arrangement.