Do you dream of being at an AM 100 law firm?

The benefits are fantastic. Higher salaries. Huge offices. Challenging cases that have a lot of sophisticated details. Diverse client bases. 

And perhaps, most importantly, a lot of support services to help you focus on casework rather than daily tasks.

After all, you are a hotshot lawyer who can win multimillion-dollar cases.

What if you could have the vaunted support system of an AM100 firm even though you are a relatively new lawyer just starting your practice?

What support services do AM 100 law firms get?

What Top AM100 Law Firms Get For Law Support

The largest AM 100 law firms have robust in-house infrastructure to make your job as an attorney easier. They give you the technology and research tools you need (Abacus Law and access to Lexis-Nexis full-text case law) to make sure you bring your best to every case.

You are also around other high-level attorneys who offer mentoring and tutelage as you work through your career.

Other support services make your physical life more comfortable as a top attorney. 

Think these things are out of your reach as a new attorney?

Think again.

Copy & Mailing Services

You can get a virtual assistant who can handle the mail for you at an office that has a physical address. Your VA can also make copies of vital documents for you, such as birth certificates or identification, when needed for your case or client intake.


A lot of legal paperwork is handled electronically now. But there are some things that still require physical handling, such as evidence, old photos that don’t have digital equivalents, and if clients pay their legal fees with paper checks.

Office staff can help with deliveries when you need to make them as part of the regular course of your practice.


Legal research can be exhausting when you’re trying to find the right case law precedent ahead of a trial.

Lexis-Nexis is the best legal research tool out there, with comprehensive case law (full text) of every federal case and plenty of state cases going back many decades, or in some cases more than a century. Getting access to Lexis-Nexis might be easier than you think. Rather than pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the full database, becoming a member of a university’s alumni association may give you library privileges for their Lexis-Nexis subscription.

Digging through online resources and requesting photocopies or documents from law libraries takes time.

Hiring a virtual assistant or in-office can help take care of this for you, from finding the right case law to getting access to Lexis-Nexis through a university.


Hiring a paralegal can give you the help you need to manage a caseload, help with new client intake, and field questions from clients when they call. A paralegal is a way to add professionalism to the office environment while helping you maintain case deadlines, filings, depositions, and answering clients’ questions when they contact you.

Paralegals are masters of organization, details, deadlines, court paperwork, and organizing your files in a way that makes sense. They can also communicate with other attorneys working on the case and give clients answers about case deadlines.

Hiring a paralegal can make a huge difference to your workload when you need it most.

Administrative Help

Office assistants, virtual assistants, and an administrative professional also help take mundane office tasks off of your hands so you can focus on the practice of law.

Administrative professionals retrieve the mail, answer emails, answer phones, manage projects, work on marketing materials, post to social media, proofread written communications and filings, and handle communications with

They can also make digital copies of documents and photos for recordkeeping. 

What if you could have these same attorney support services without needing to get on with an AM 100 firm?


Enter Amata’s Lawyer Support Services

Amata is a lawyer support services firm based in Chicago. We can put you in touch with legal professionals and virtual assistants who can act as your staff, whether they are on-site or virtual.

Do you want a paralegal who has basic knowledge of cases and how to handle client intake? Amata can vet the right paralegal for you.

Do you need an administrative assistant to take some workload off of you so you can focus on cases instead? Amata has a staffing solution that can make this happen at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time staffer.

Amata offers on-demand attorney support services that rival what you can get by being an attorney at an AM 100 firm. 

On-Demand Paralegals

Our senior paralegals have 20 or more years of experience, some with expertise in certain practice areas, when you need expert help. Others have three years or fewer in experience and are hired as paralegal assistants. We bill our paralegals based on their years of experience and areas of law where their expertise lies.

Along with paralegals, we also offer automated case management tools that can prepare a table of authorities outlining local rules and filing deadlines 

Our paralegals are trained to handle:

  • Editing appellate briefs and other briefs per your notes
  • Handle the back-and-forth aspects of discovery, which can last for months
  • Draft simple complaints and motions
  • Assess and prioritize cases
  • Close on real estate transactions

What are you waiting for? If you need extra help with your caseload, assistance is only a phone call away. Pick only the type of work you need, and the team at Amata will only bill you for what you require.

Get started today, and we’ll talk about how we can help take your practice to the next level.

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