Live Receptionist » Why Your Law Firm Needs a Professional Legal Answering Service

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Professional Legal Answering Service

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Professional Legal Answering Service


Growing a small law firm is no small feat. Attorneys and paralegals are stretched thin, and most clients expect an immediate response whenever they need them.

Think about the last time a client called your office. Were they happy to wait a few days for a reply? Or did they expect to talk to a professional on the phone immediately?

Customer service standards are high in the legal profession, and negating immediate attention comes with the risk of losing great clients. Yet for solo law firms and many private law firms, hiring a full-time, in-house receptionist can be out of reach. After all, you require a professional receptionist who understands the legal terminology and procedures, and has outstanding communication skills to enhance the client experience.

Finding, interviewing, onboarding and training such a person can require a lot of resources. But thankfully, another option is available.


Never Miss a Caller and Keep Generating Business — Even When You Can’t

Gone are the days when small law firms maintained full-time, in-house receptionists at the office. The changing dynamics of the modern workforce have paved the way for more flexible and cost-effective solutions. The alternative? Professional legal answering services that act as an extension of your law office, without the costs of hiring, training, and retaining an employee.

At Amata, we provide you with a Live Virtual Receptionist who will ensure that you never miss a caller. You can free your time to focus on billable hours, while your receptionist screens calls, schedules appointments, replies to messages and returns phone calls for you. All the information is updated in your database, so you can follow up at your own pace while clients are taken care of.

There are many reasons to keep your company phone number the same, which is why we use a proprietary app that allows your receptionist to reply from your phone, while you keep full ownership over your phone and all your information private. In this way, clients can feel the personal touch of your replies, while you maintain the phone number that you’ve worked so hard to promote.

Access to this app can be shared with as many members of your law office as you require. Voice mails are organized in a firm directory, so they reach you or your associates. You can easily transfer calls, manage your availability, and receive daily reports from the call activity of the day within the app.


Legal Answering Services vs Generic Answering Services

Should you choose a legal answering service or a generic answering service?

Legal virtual receptionists understand legal terminology and the inner workings of law firms like yours. They are trained to address legal inquiries, identify the urgency of each case, and assist clients when they need it most.

Our US-based, focused legal virtual receptionists understand your unique needs and can be trained with special handling instructions and scripts that represent your firm. They create a welcoming experience for your callers, and filter calls so you never have to deal with unwanted robocalls again.

It is also more cost-effective to outsource to a professional receptionist service than a full-time receptionist who is sitting in the office all day. Our scalable plans are designed to suit your exact needs: We can handle after-hours calls, assign a full-time or part-time receptionist, and become a true extension of your team that builds long-term relationships with clients on your behalf.


Seamless Integration: Outsource Without Legal Ramifications

One overlooked benefit of hiring an outsourced legal receptionist is the decreased legal ramifications for your law firm. Business owners intimately know the significant costs and complexities terminating an employment relationship can carry. In contrast, letting go of an outsourced virtual receptionist can be justified through simpler contractual terms.

A professional virtual receptionist will be able to sort out problems and pull things together for you to review, but they will not be experts at everything. Their role is to be your point of contact and coordinate the best resources for the work that you need to be completed.

Amata’s virtual receptionists are trained to be a part of your team. They will learn your preferred greetings and adapt to your firm’s culture. And with our streamlined arrangement, you can remain agile without fearing any potential legal ramifications for your law firm.


10 Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist for a Law Firm

A full-time receptionist sitting in the office is no longer necessary. There are more cost-effective solutions today. Your outsourced virtual receptionist can take calls and do client intake for a fraction of the cost, providing an agile solution that enhances your client experience, frees your time for more billable hours, and streamlines your operations for growth.

The list below sums up 10 benefits of hiring a well-trained legal virtual receptionist:

  1. Take care of urgent client calls, even when you’re busy
  2. Never miss a new client intake
  3. Schedule appointments
  4. Free your time for billable hours
  5. Filter robocalls
  6. Quickly respond to clients
  7. Cut down costs
  8. Provide client support beyond business hours
  9. Protect your availability and productivity
  10. Remain professional and accessible

A virtual receptionist can be an invaluable gatekeeper for your law firm, saving you time and reducing the anxiety and stress of running a law practice. This translates into increased ROI, word-of-mouth referrals, and more business for your firm.

Learn more about how Amata’s Virtual Legal Receptionist can assist your Firm here.