"Amata has helped my business grow from a virtual mailbox to two permanent office spaces…[and] has allowed me to present my business in the most professional manner possible."

Robert Buchanan

The Law Office Of Robert Buchanan

Brand New Office Space!

Coming out of the pandemic, Amata has improved the user experience. When you do need to come into the office, enjoy a well appointed office setting with ample conference rooms, a client friendly reception area and a multitude of amenities to make your experience enjoyable.

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Scales of Justice


 Access to on-site, on-demand paralegals, admin, docket clerks and virtual assistances to support your law firm without the cost of full-time employees.

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Amata's receptionists eliminate time wasted on robo calls, professionally handle new client in-take, screening calls and make sure clients are always taken care of.

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Law Firm Offices


Benefits of having offices at Amata include flexible pricing and licensing terms, on-site support staff, over 750 attorneys to network with and a legal work enivornment. 

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Virtual Offices


Options include a unique business address, mail receipt, scanning & forwarding, Fedex discounts, lobby directory listing, conference rooms, day offices and more. 

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At Amata, law firms and professional service firms can enjoy flexible work arrangements that allow them to work how they want, from where they want.

With a significant rise in work-from-home and remote work formats, many firms are left to determine what to use as their official business address. After all, clients make conclusions about your organization based on the building, and, for safety reasons, you very well can't list your home address!

Amata provides a virtual business address, so clients associate your organization with Class A, prominent office buildings in the Chicago area. A virtual business address also entitles you to receive correspondence at the location and enjoy mail processing and forwarding from the on-site staff.

Working your cases takes plenty of time and energy as it is, so why expend additional energy on minutia when Amata can provide virtual legal assistants to handle this part of the workload for you?

Amata's virtual legal assistants provide a wide variety of services including calendar management, social media posting, returning client phone calls, scheduling appointments, updating client contact information, manage CRM and practice management software, make travel arrangements, plan events, research leads on LinkedIn, Google, and other platforms, find contact information as needed, design and prepare presentations on your behalf, assemble reports, help recruit additional staff and employees, client collections, manage family calendar, convert files including PDF and JPG formats, file management, proofreading, editing, formatting, and much, much more!

When you're heavily invested in your cases and you can't risk losing concentration, a simple phone call is not as simple as it seems.

Let Amata's staff handle the phones. Our staff is ready and able to answer on behalf of your firm, forward calls as needed, take messages, provide basic information so you don't have to, assist in new client intake procedures, and screen robocalls, so you don't have to lose your patience on yet another telemarketer or scammer.

Focus your time and energy on what really matters-your cases and billable work!

At a physical firm, the receptionist is often the first point of contact and the first person a new client sees when visiting your office. Their demeanor is paramount, as they have the sole responsibility of providing a first impression of the customer service and quality representation clients will receive while working with you and your firm.

Amata's virtual receptionists understand this and genuinely enjoy greeting your clients when they call. Let them provide friendly assistance and build rapport on your behalf while you work uninterrupted on your other cases, until your attention and services are expressly needed.

Let Amata handle the small talk and sweat the small stuff, so you can stay focused on the big picture.

Organization is crucial for any firm's success. However, it remains an unspecialized skill that robs you of precious time needed for preparing your case work and prepping for court.

Don't squander time away updating CRM software, filing documents, or doing anything related to office administration in any way. Instead, outsource it and repurpose the time for more fruitful pursuits, like more billable hours on key cases.

Amata's virtual administrative assistants help manage all office operations, so you don't have to, including phone and email management, scheduling meetings, confirming appointments, making travel arrangements, managing contact lists, updating CRM software, preparing reports as needed, filing and organizing important documents and files, creating presentations, and more!

Amata's innovative format provides law firms the best of both worlds in the form of virtual office space. Unlike exclusive in-person and work-from-home formats, Amata offers the opportunity to adopt a hybrid model which saves your firm significantly on monthly rent expenses while providing a physical office to visit occasionally or as needed.

Virtual office options can be as limited as simply having a virtual business address and mail forwarding or as involved as having 24-7 access to a Class A Building, offices for day use, and building amenities including a luxurious conference room for closings, meetings, and other in-person necessities. Oh, and coffee! Plenty of coffee!

One of the biggest perks you receive as an attorney working for a law firm is there are often many paralegals available to assist in preparing your case files, documents, and other case-related essentials. After all, it takes the efforts of many individuals to get everything prepared for the case, unless you have lots and lots of time to spend.

Amata's paralegals assist with case planning, development, and management, legal research, client interviews, fact gathering, information retrieval, drafting and analyzing legal documents, and much, much more.

Amata is synonymous with support services, whatever an attorney needs to succeed in the space is Amata's prime directive. We provide a wide variety of support services to attorneys including paralegals, legal assistants, administrative assistants, receptionists, both in-person or virtual, and services like document notarization, court runs, hand deliveries and pick-ups, e-filing, document translation, interpreting services, both in-person or remote, and much, much more.

Attorneys with Amata's support enjoy an excellent array of services that help them stay focused on the task at hand while the tedious but important background tasks are completed without having to tend to them personally.

A live receptionist is a key aspect of a successful law firm. Not only do live receptionists provide a friendly greeting and excellent customer service from the first point of contact, but they also demonstrate you are a professional, working diligently on your cases, and your time, as such, is valuable.

When you have deadlines to meet and clients to serve, it's difficult to muster the ability and motivation to take your time with each new client gathering important but tedious personal information for the CRM software, scheduling appointments, or simply engaging in small talk to build rapport.

Let Amata's live receptionists handle this and other important office-related tasks like phone answering, call forwarding, message taking, appointment scheduling, calendar management, and much, much more.

You can rest assured your practice and reputation is in good hands with one of Amata's live receptionists assisting. Send the right message by hiring your very own today!

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Why Choose Amata Over Other Co-working Companies?

Coffee! We serve great coffee all hours of the day. We have admin assistants and paralegals with more than 20+ years' experience on-site to assist you. When you are working remotely we make daily runs to the clerk's office and courts so you don't have to. Our friendly receptionists engage your guests and callers so you never miss an opportunity to serve a new client. For more than 20 years Amata has been building commerce with networking opportunities, helping build our clients book of business.

Listen to why these professionals chose Amata. Visit our Research and Resource Center pages for an in-depth look at Amata’s programs.

An International Perspective: How One Attorney's Network Expanded

An International Perspective: How One Attorney's Network Expanded

When international lawyer Sandra Chiarlone traveled to the United States from Italy to practice law, she immediately knew she was in for a challenge. Despite only having law experience in Europe, and a language barrier to contend with, Chiarlone was determined to make Chicago her home.


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