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Get the support you need with experienced paraglegals and legal administrators to manage your firms Depositions and Discovery.  Having a team in place when you need them is critical. But most small and midsize law firms are not handling depositions and discovery on a daily basis, which can lead to over-paying to have the best qualified individuals on your staff when you need them. The answer is to use Amata's team of paralegals and legal adiministrators when you have depositions and discovery work and not paying their salaries when you do not have these cases goinig on. 

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Depostions & Discovery

Depositions are the foundation of any legal discovery process in every criminal case. This is when the state transfers all evidence supporting the defendant over to the trial court. Once the defense attorney evaluates it and prepares a strategy for winning the case, eyewitnesses-deponents are subpoenaed to testify during an interview. Conducted in a traditional or online room, attendance is limited to the defense attorney, prosecutor, court reporter, and deponent. 


Depositions are a pivotal point leading to the outcome of civil and criminal charges. They result in finding out what the witness knows in advance of the trial and capturing and preserving that testimony. This prevents what the American Bar Association terms "trial by ambush" - when one side does not learn of the opposition's evidence or witnesses until they are in the courtroom and there is no opportunity to refute claims. 

This is also the first and often the only time the defense attorney may question deponents to determine if a jury is likely to consider them credible, competent, and believable. Guilt or innocense is often based on this perception of credibility alone, especially when no "real", or tangible evidence is submitted to the court.


Depositions usually advance to an out-of-court settlement, so the case never comes before a jury-more than 90 percent of all cases are resolved to avoid expensive, risky trials. For cases that do end up in court, AMATA discovery and deposition management teams are here to ensure a smooth deposition process. 

Every deposition is different. AMATA understands the subtleties and sensitivities that are unique to each process, the result of us managing hundreds of depositions over the past two decades. We are committed to managing each step of the process, so you can focus on the intimate details of the case. 


Deposition time limits are different in every state, as mandated by law, and range from several hours to multiple days. AMATA deposition experts manage all phases of the deposition throughout, from conference room set-up, helping deponents prepare, reviewing document productions and discovery disclosures, developing comprehensive witness handbooks, processing supporting written questions, and implementing any special considerations required for a deponent. 

Depositions may be a written transcript, video tape, or both. After the session ends, the AMATA team manages all follow-up requirements, including distributing the transcript and supporting documentation to attorneys for review. 


Virtual remote depostions are becoming increasingly popular. It is estimated more than fifty percent of all proceedings will be online this year with the trend continuing to increase. In addition to saving time and increasing other efficencies, deponents are more relaxed when testifying from a preferred location, increasing their willingness to share information. AMATA offers state-of-the-art virtual deposition software for deponents unable to attend in person. This technology automates the discovery process and teams benefit from powerful data analytics tools and a proven interface to collaborate from anywhere. It also includes artificial intelligence capabilities for increasing accuracy and capturing details such as emotion and movement. 

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Benefit from experienced paraglegals and legal assistants to manage depositions and discovery. Enjoy the benefits of working with the same support team year-round, without having the cost burden of full-time employees and associated expenses. When you do not have depositions or discovery to manage, you have no expenses reducing your firms profitability. Click the button below and give us a call or fill out a short form and we will call you to get stared immediately. 

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