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Traditional law offices with multiple conference rooms with large overhead, are quickly becoming a thing of the past, as corporate leaders pay close attention to the financial, lifestyle, and wellness advantages of employees working from home. Not to mention the efficiency. 

With the decline of these mega office leases follows the decline of face-to-face interaction among colleagues, as meetings and even events move onto computer screens. American workers and business travelers who once complained about attending networking events want the opportunity to again have in-person gatherings. More than 80 percent of employees and executives polled in a travel industry survey say in-person meetings and events are "irreplaceable", and they would attend the same work-related gatherings they did pre-pandemic.


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AMATA conference room rental services offer Chicago's only high-end, affordable solution for enjoying the flexibility of your own conference room, without the unnecessary cost or branding of another organization. Leading local and worldwide firms rely on AMATA for its on-demand conference room rental packages, paying only for what they use, and not for extra premiums such as last-minute scheduling. 


  • Controllable lighting
  • Sound-proof Audio System
  • Digital Displays
  • Video Conferencing Technology & Equipment
  • Reliable Wireless Internet Connection
  • Temperature Controls
  • High-end Meeting & Lounge Furniture


  • Customized Conference Room Rental Packages
  • Package Premium Pricing & Services
  • Flexible Contracts
  • One-Time Use Rental Options
  • Full-Service Catering
  • Break Out Refreshment Services
  • Web Conference & Presentation Set UP
  • Onsite Technical & Software Support
  • Available to Non-Amata Clients
  • Document Preparation Services & Delivery
  • Serving Chicago's Legal Industry


AMATA customizes the experience to your specific needs. We host law firm clients with vast varieties of conference room rental needs such as:

  • Casual Brainstorming Sessions
  • Formal Presentations
  • Media Events
  • New Serice Launches
  • Professional Interviews
  • Team Meetings
  • Departmental Meetings
  • Work Sessions
  • Training Sessions
  • Board of Directors meetings
  • Annual Meetings All-Day, multi-day Conferences


Our prime, Downtown Chicago locations offer the city's most luxurious and decadent conference room rentals, available in various sizes and configurations, all designed by professional interior decorators. If you need conferrence room rental space outside of our current location, AMATA meeting planners will accommodate your request. 


  • Comfortable Furnishings
  • Quiet Work Environment 
  • Professional Business Setting
  • Private & Secure Entrance
  • Versatile Floor Plans and Sizes
  • Close to Public Transportation
  • Walking Distance to Shops and Restaurants

Our conference room rentals are tailored to your needs big or small. We ensure each gathering is meticulously prepared and managed, so your staff an guests can focus on your meeting agenda while we handle every detail. 


Explore How Amata Provides Virtual Assistants Specifically For Lawyers.

Our facilities are designed with the same professional appearance as a AM250 law firm. All conference rooms are equipped with the latest technology to hold successful collaborative meetings, in-person or remote depositions and to meet with your clients. Before and during your meeting our staff will be available to assist with anything you need, from catering to copy projects. Give us a call to schedule your conference room now. 

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