Call Answering Services

As a busy attorney, the last thing you need is to be interrupted repeatedly with incoming calls and new client intake processes. The call center at Amata Law Office Suites offers the ability to manage your time in the most efficient way possible, and our trained and professional staff are here to assist so that you can put your focus where you need it to be.

Focus on Billable Hours

Our call center allows your phone calls to be answered immediately rather than rolling to voicemail, and the dedicated receptionists at Amata are fully focused on our attorney members, so your client will always be priority. In addition, our highly-trained staff can handle your meeting scheduling, in-depth client intake, personalized call screening, and so much more.

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Why Amata Highly Trained Staff

What to expect with Amata’s 3CX call answering services?

At Amata Law Office Suites, we want to ensure the success and long-term growth of your firm, and we do so by offering premium services at an affordable price that allow you to work in the most efficient ways.

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Amplify Your Time Management

Easily mark when you are unavailable so our receptionists know to take a message, and you stay uninterrupted.

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Maintain Your Personal Privacy

Make and answer calls with your personal cell as your business number will be shown to the other party.

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Access Your Calls Anywhere

Forward calls to your desktop or cell and answer calls to your firm no matter where you’re working.

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Increase Your Productivity

View when other members in your firm are available, set up conference calls in seconds, and send IMs.

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Conduct Meetings on the Go

Launch web conferences and video calls in seconds with the 3CX client platform, and take your meetings with you.

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