We exist because of our amazing members

Amata is much more than just an office provider. We are a community made up of strong relationships between employees, partners, and clients. We take pride in helping our members find the best solutions to all of their office needs, and couldn’t be more grateful for the wonderful family we have become! Amata truly exists because of the dedicated members we work with. See what they have to say about their home away from home.

  • "Amata Offices is my home away from home. It's no secret that the staff here is both professional and accommodating, not to mention incredibly personable. The breathtaking office views of Millennium Park and Lake Michigan never fail to impress our clients."

    Maria Evstatieva, Marketing Keys

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  • "Been an Amata client for almost 3 years, originally at 180 N LaSalle St and now at 150 N Michigan Ave. Space has facilitated my law practice allowing me flexibility, growth and wonderful service for my clients. All my administrative needs are met with smiles, cooperation and attention to detail. It has been a genuine pleasure to office here and work with such great professionals."

    David J. Fischer, Law Offices of David J Fischer PC

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  • "Amata Office Centers is a tremendous combination of great office space, excellent value, and the highest level of service and support. Going to work in the morning feels like coming home. We highly recommend Amata."

    Robert Viola, Robert Viola Partners

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  • "In 24 hours, I received multiple referrals. Several more in each direction since, including high-level strategic introductions."

    Richard Gurak, Advitam IP Attorneys at Law

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  • "I have been a tenant at Amata for the last 4 years. Awesome experience! The Amata team is very helpful, positive, and enjoyable to be around. The support they provide is outstanding and they go above and beyond to take care of you. I would recommend them to anyone looking for office space without having to deal with the headache of setting up your own office. I feel like part of a community and I get to meet and network with other business owners."

    Nestor Vicario, Vicario Law Group, LLC.

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  • "We looked at other spaces but quickly landed with aLawCenters — in what other kind of business would the Vice President be there to help show you around in your initial visit? Everyone we've met has been outstanding — and for a new firm starting out, you have to take several leaps of faith as you hit the ground running. This decision to go with aLawCenters (versus Regus, or any other similar company) was one that has paid off immediately, and we would 100% recommend the aLawCenters experience to anyone looking for a quality shared office space situation to help their business grow and flourish."

    Marc Bangser & Bradford Bennett, Bennett & Bangser, LLC

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  • "The entire staff is extraordinarily professional and helpful as they consistently go beyond the call of duty. Erin , Chelette , Mary Lou and Nick are extremely courteous, collegial, professional and extraordinarily efficient as they are essential to the success of my practice."

    Clarence Butler, Jr., Law Offices of Clarence Butler Jr., LLC

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  • "I've been with Amata for over 7 years and I've been very impressed. The offices look phenomenal! When people walk in it looks like I own the whole floor. The marble, the plasma screens, the natural sunlight...all these things help me win over clients that I bring in. The office support staff has gone above and beyond in helping me out on numerous occasions. I also love that the vast majority of my monthly cost are all included in my fixed monthly amount. Prior to leasing with them I had checked out a few other places and it seemed like everything was an extra charge here, extra charge there. That's really not an issue with Amata. And the 225 W. Washington location has been great for candidates (I'm a recruiter) that are coming in from the city or the burbs for me to interview. It's 1 block from the brown/purple line and just a few blocks from Union and Ogilvy train station. I honestly love these guys."

    Roger N., 5/29/2013

  • "So thankful for the incredible staff at Amata- especially Caroline! She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are taken care of. So glad to work out of these offices and would recommend them to anyone who is looking!"

    Kristi D., 10/18/2015

  • "Fantastic partners to work with! Very happy with my decision to move from Regus to Amata."

    Jessica B., 8/27/2013

  • "I have been with Amata for over 3 years now and they have been great to deal with and have fully provided all of my office needs. I office at 150 N. Michigan and the location is perfect as it is close to the courthouse and all of the train lines including CTA and the south shore Metra. The office space itself is very nice with great views and the conference rooms are very accommodating for holding depositions and client meetings. The staff (Erin, Gwen and Renee) are always helpful and accommodating even if I need something done in a pinch. I would highly recommend Amata Offices for anyone like myself who is a solo legal practitioner or whatever your business is."

    Aaron B., 2/28/2013

  • "Not sure what the bad review below is about, we've had a great experience leaving Regus and coming over to Amata. We originally left Regus as we are a small, but growing, satellite sales office. Regus didn't have the flexibility of larger office space. Our growth option there would have been to rent multiple separated offices, not conducive to our collaboration environment. The Amata team was very helpful and flexible with helping us find the right space to fit our needs. The flexibility part was huge for us - they ended up taking one of their conference board rooms and converted it into an office, perfectly fitting our needs. Since moving in last October, we've had no issues with billing, maintenance, customer service, etc. The team has been very professional and responsive to all of our needs."

    Ricky C., 2/9/2014

  • "Amata has been a great help to us as our team has grown. They've been very attentive and responsive to our requests, and they recently went out of their way to secure an office space we really needed. Kudos to their team!"

    Mike F., 1/24/2014

  • "I have been a tenant at 150 N. Michigan for well over a year and have had a wonderful experience. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful- going out of their way to make sure you are comfortable and have everything you need. Ownership is gracious and easy to work with. These guys are at the top of their game as far as shared office facilities."

    Bill H., 1/28/2014