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There is nothing more valuable in a company than the time of the CEO. When it is allocated correctly, the business can grow, clients are well-served, and the team members know exactly what to do.

The problem is that, according to the American Bar Association (ABA), the average American lawyer works 50 hours per week. But only 35% of that represents billable work. The rest of the time is spent booking calls, mailing clients, running meetings, and doing admin work.This holds through in most small businesses. Attorneys and other professional service providers can easily fall into high-stress, low-pay months, daydreaming about the support services big corporations enjoy from staffing agencies.

That is why, at Amata, we created flexible administrative support solutions that allow you to protect your time, energy, and profitability – all without the burden of managing full-time employees.

Contact Amata today to explore how our flexible administrative staffing services in Chicago can free your schedule and boost your company’s productivity.

Who Chooses Amata?

Amata is the go-to choice for law firms and businesses in the bustling city of Chicago looking for supportive office resources. We understand the unique needs and aspirations of professionals in the area, and serve as their trusted ally on their journey to success.

With our comprehensive office solutions, we provide efficient and affordable support that empowers businesses to kickstart their growth and achieve their goals.

In addition to administrative staffing solutions, Amata offers a host of office support services like private offices, conference and meeting rooms, virtual office solutions, and networking opportunities. By choosing Amata, businesses can navigate the challenges they face, conquer operational obstacles, and free up valuable time and resources to focus on their core services.

Our Administrative Staffing Solutions

The burden of managing a business can be overwhelming, leaving you with less capacity to focus on your core operations. This is where Amata's flexible staffing solutions excel.

Instead of allocating valuable time and resources to manage administrative duties in-house, Amata provides a dedicated team of professionals who seamlessly integrate into your operations. Our staffing solutions offer a new solution to ensure your business receives the same level of support as a fully staffed team, but without the associated high costs.

Our flexible services include experienced administrative assistants and receptionists, phone systems, and in-house paralegals who effectively manage a range of administrative tasks.

Fractional Support Packages

Fractional Support Packages

Our most popular support services are now in five all-new programs built to save you money while improving your operations. Take mundane tasks off your list and save 60% compared to a full-time employee by using our Fractional Support Service packages.

Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistants

From copying, scanning, and printing documents to managing mail and social media postings, our administrative assistants are here to lighten your workload. The administrative assistants at Amata possess the expertise and efficiency to ensure these tasks are handled professionally, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

Reception Services

Reception Services

Our reception services offer the perfect solution for creating a professional and welcoming environment for your clients and prospects. They will warmly greet your guests, manage lead intake, schedule appointments, process payments, and take care of other essential administrative tasks.

Phone Systems

Phone Systems

Amata can set up a full business phone system for you complete with business phone number, mobile app, and physical handset. Route your calls seamlessly between your physical office and your mobile phone, access daily call activity reports, and manage voice messages. You can even return calls from your cell phone without revealing your personal number, maintaining professionalism and privacy.

Hourly Paralegals

Hourly Paralegals

We employ a full-time staff of paralegals that you can access on an as-needed hourly basis. Our paralegals are experienced professionals ready to take legal tasks off your workload and available at tired pricing. They assist with a wide array of duties including: trial preparation, document drafting, court paperwork, and urgent client inquiries, enabling you to serve more clients efficiently.

How Amata Helps You Grow

Amata is a growth partner first, and a staffing agency second. We focus on offloading the administrative load from your team with flexible solutions, so you can redirect your focus toward delivering exceptional services and driving your business’s strategic initiatives.

With Amata handling your administrative workload, you’ll experience increased efficiency and productivity, allowing you to allocate your resources where they matter most.

Are you outside the Chicago area? No problem. Amata offers virtual office services to address your needs, no matter where you work from.

Some of the tasks virtual assistants can handle for you are:

  • Document review, organization and summarization
  • Data entry
  • Calendar management
  • Meeting scheduling and coordination
  • Technological support
  • Invoice preparation and payment
  • Social media assistance
  • Non-legal correspondence, transmittal letters, and email
  • Case management system update
    Internet and public database research

With virtual assistants, you can eliminate all under-utilized time and expenses, delegate administrative work, and focus on billable hours.

Contact Amata Today For Exceptional Office Support

Amata provides a “business-in-a-box” solution for law firms and professional services firms looking to grow. Our spaces include modern offices, flexible staffing, networking opportunities, and scalable plans that allow you to add or drop office space during the term of the lease, without penalty.

With Amata, you can expand your bottom line, protect your time, and stay flexible for any changes in the marketplace. 

Ready to access a professional office fully staffed for you, but without the costs and hiring difficulties? Contact us today and discover how our cost-effective solutions can boost your productivity, streamline your operations, and drive sustainable growth.


Prior to any work being performed, our team members will review the scope of work with you and establish cost expectations. Billing rates for our team members vary based on the type of work and the team member’s experience. Alternative fee and project-based fee arrangements are also available for certain projects. General billing ranges are listed below.

Pay-As-You-Go Hourly Rates​

  • Sr. Paralegals

    $120 - $165/hour
  • Paralegals

    $85 - $120/hour
  • Paralegal Assistance

    $65 - $85/hour
  • Administrative Assistance

  • Virtual Assistance

    $65 - $85/hour

Administrative Support Services

  • Messenger

    Cost + 30%
  • Fed-Ex

    Cost + 30%
  • Postage Services

    Cost + 30%
  • Black & White Copies/Print

  • Scanning

  • Color Copies/Prints

  • Binding

    Supply Costs + Support Time
  • Incoming/Outgoing Fax

  • Shredding


Amata’s Live Reception & Phone Plans

Your business can pick between three different tiers of live reception and phone plans, depending on how many receptionist minutes you require.

Base Plan

$ 52 Monthly
  • All receptionist minutes billed at $3.29/minute. Each additional phone user and/or external line is $49/month and available minutes are shared across all users.

100 program

$ 301 Monthly
  • Includes 100 Reception Minutes
  • Receptionist minutes over 100/month billed at $2.62/minute. Additional phone users and/or lines are $49/month each. Minutes are designed to be shared between all users.

300 program

$ 619 Monthly
  • Includes 300 Reception Minutes
  • Receptionist minutes over 300/month billed at $2.10/minute. Extra users and/or lines are $49/month each, and minutes are designed to be shared between all users.

Fractional Support Service Programs Pricing

Hybrid 30

$ 882
(40% discount from hourly rates)
  • 30 hours/month of:
  • Executive Virtual Assistant Service
  • On-site Admin Support

Virtual 15

$ 506
(25% discount from hourly rates)
  • 15 hours/month of:
  • Executive Virtual Assistant Service

Admin 15

$ 585
(40% discount from hourly rates)
  • 15 hours/month of:
  • On-site Admin Support

Paralegal 18

$ 1296
(40% discount from hourly rates)
  • 18 hours/month of:
  • Paralegal support

Paralegal 10

$ 900 Monthly
(25% discount from hourly rates)
  • 10 hours/month of:
  • Paralegal support


$ 3105-3300
(40% discount on hourly rates)
  • Dedicated Virtual Paralegal w/on-site support. This program provides a paralegal dedicated to working at your law firm. Firms using this program will also receive a 40% discount on the pay-as-you-need-it price for paralegal services that require in-person support. Cost will vary depending on the years of experience required. The estimated monthly cost will be between $3,105 and $3,300 per month.
  • Notary/Witness Service (Amata Location)

    $6.50 minimum charge; includes $1.00 fee for any notarial act. Travel and convenience fees additional if applicable.) This service includes travel and convenience fees.
  • Court Runs

    $65.00/hour + any copy fees
    (Court filing fees, and/or service fees plus 30%)

    Research/review court docket and request/obtain copies of court documents, assemble, print, and prepare courtesy copies, assemble, print, prepare documents for delivery to Sheriff’s Office for service of process, assemble, print, prepare documents for delivery or filing with IL Workers’ Comp Commission, Secretary of State’s Office, Cook County Clerk’s Office, Cook County Assessor’s Office, IDHR, EEOC, etc.
  • Basic Administrative & Virtual Assistant Support

    Mail opening/scanning, assistance with certified mailings, scanning/copying documents, faxing documents, preparation of FedEx, set up assistance and coordination of services (phone, copier codes, messenger), bank deposit, catering support/ordering, faxing support, special orders/3rd party ordering, video conferencing set-up.
  • Administrative & Virtual Assistant Support

    $65.00/hour + any copy fees
    General document/file organization, document review and summarization, summarization of data, record abstraction, data entry, iInternet and public database research, calendar management, meeting scheduling and coordination, technological support, invoice preparation, record compilation, non-legal correspondence, transmittal letters, and email, document formatting, prepare/edit PowerPoint presentations, assist with social media, create templates/forms/charts/timelines, updating case management system, enter attorney time/expenses; pay invoices
  • Hand Deliveries/Pick-Ups

    $ 30.00 / 35.00 / 60.00
    In Chicago Loop area; package prepared by you for delivery.

    Standard – request and documents received by 11:30 a.m. delivered same day by 5:00 p.m.
    Urgent – request and documents received after 11:30 a.m. delivered same day by 5:00 p.m.
    Expedited – delivered within the hour after receipt of documents.
  • E-Filing

    (minimum charge $32.50; attorney pays for any associated court costs or filing fees plus 30%)

    Review and check to ensure court documents are signed, all exhibits accounted for, documents are compliant with the Supreme Court of Illinois’ Electronic Document Standards (i.e. within max file size, OCR’d), prepare Notice of Filing, Notice of Motion, Certificate of Service, and forms, review of local rules, court’s standing orders, & any temporary procedural orders in place, spindle or piggyback motion hearing dates, and any communications with court clerk, confirm acceptance of filing by the court clerk, coordinate delivery of courtesy copy, if needed.
  • Document Translation

    In ChicagoaNot certified, not for use in court. Loop area; package prepared by you for delivery.
  • Interpreter – Remote

    Available upon request 48 hours’ notice to avoid expediting fees
    (On demand/certified) Available upon request 48-hours’ notice to avoid expediting fees.
  • Interpreter – On-Site

    Available upon request 48 hours’ notice to avoid expediting fees
    Call for additional languages/certified
  • Preparation of Table of Authorities

    $135.00 service fee + LSS1 time
    Formatting appellate briefs
  • Preparation of Table of AuthoritiesInterpreter – On-Site

    $135.00 service fee + LSS1 time
    Formatting appellate briefs
  • Skip Trace - Basic

    $55.00 service fee + LSS1 time
    For any analysis/investigation
  • Skip Trace - Comprehensive

    $105.00 minimum fee + LSS1 time
    For any analysis/investigation
  • Asset Search (bank accounts)

    $405.00 service fee + LSS3 time
  • E-Recording

    $85.00 minimum fee + LSS1 time
    (does not include any county recording fee)
    Nationwide; all real estate documents Client credentials required

Other Legal Support Services

(All work is performed under the direction/ supervision of an attorney)

  • Legal Support Services I ("LSS1")

  • Legal Support Services II ("LSS2")

    Work requiring or completed by a senior paralegal
  • Legal Support Services III ("LSS3")

    $165.00 /hour
    Advanced document productions. Document review projects, coding, case management, e-discovery consultation (tools for litigation hold/preservation, document review platforms, document production planning, etc.), collection of basic ESI (custodian interviews, emails, text messages, video, documents), coordination of expert collection of ESI (forensic, social networking sites, video, audio, email, text messages, etc.), residential and real estate closings

All of our locations include:

Major public transportation within walking distance

A professional and prestigious business address

Furnished & unfurnished offices to pick from

VoIP business phone with reception services

100 Mbps Internet & Wi-Fi

Cafe & kitchenette

Coffee, water, tea & cognac room

Fountain Coca-Cola products

Scalable lease terms (both up & down)

Mailing handling & FedEx discounts

Manned reception desks

Legal Staff Services

Administrative Staffing FAQs

Amata has a team of professional receptionists who work either from their desks at our Chicago offices or virtually from home in the US. All our receptionists are pre-vetted and we work hard to pay them fairly, so they can provide you and your clients the highest quality service.

Yes, calls can be transferred to anywhere you request.

Most answering services are based in a large bullpen-type facility, and metrics such as time on a call, ROI, and profitability are more important than the people performing the work. 

At Amata, we have a simple philosophy: if it is good for our people and good for our clients, it will be good for Amata. We place the well-being of our staff above everything else, including ROI and profitability.

Yes. Your firm or business should never be in a position to lose the phone number that you invested marketing efforts in to promote. We include the ability to port (move) your number to Amata and port it out in all of our contracts, even if you default on an agreement.

With our phone app, it’s a one-step process. That said, our customer care team is always available to assist you if you have any questions.

Not to worry, Amata maintains a large bank of phone numbers for you to choose from. We’ve set up many firms and businesses with blocks of 100 phone numbers so they’re able to keep their numbers contiguous while they grow their practice.

Yes, we can make outgoing calls, set up appointments, and update your calendar.

Amata answers calls from 7 AM to 10 PM Central Time. When we’re not answering your calls, we’ll have them forwarded to your business voicemail or your cell phone, based on your preference.

Amata has many receptionists on our team, and your call may be answered by any one of them based on availability.

We are able to port (move) your number from your existing carrier and add it to our bank of numbers. If you ever leave Amata, you’ll take the number with you.

Yes. We work with you to access a secure link to enter this information on your behalf.

Yes, we set appointments and make sure they are entered into your scheduling system.

Yes. We work with every client to set up client in-take forms that are used to capture the information you require. These forms are then linked to your business management software, CRM, or sent to your team prior to you calling the client back.


We currently have three prestigious locations in Chicago, and are actively planning to expand soon. All our locations are fully equipped, in prestigious addresses, and have the Amata advantage: On-demand staff and spaces for collaboration.

Each location offers something unique, from being steps away from the courthouse to river-front views. Take a closer look at our locations and find the one that meets your needs!

Contact Us Today For All Your Office Needs

Ready to reimagine your workspace? Our plans provide offices & services similar to those at AM100 law firm, without the costs or long-term leases. Our team is ready to answer your questions and provide personalized recommendations tailored to your unique needs.

Contact Amata today and we will assist you in finding your ideal office space.