Legal Support Services Pricing

Fractional Support Service Programs

Paralegal 18

$ 1296
(40% discount from hourly rates)
  • 18 hours/month of:
  • Paralegal support

Paralegal 10

$ 900 Monthly
(25% discount from hourly rates)
  • 10 hours/month of:
  • Paralegal support


$ 3105-3300
(40% discount on hourly rates)
  • Dedicated Virtual Paralegal w/on-site support. This program provides a paralegal dedicated to working at your law firm. Firms using this program will also receive a 40% discount on the pay-as-you-need-it price for paralegal services that require in-person support. Cost will vary depending on the years of experience required. The estimated monthly cost will be between $3,105 and $3,300 per month.

Hybrid 30

$ 882
(40% discount from hourly rates)
  • 30 hours/month of:
  • Executive Virtual Assistant Service
  • On-site Admin Support

Virtual 22

$ 742
(25% discount from hourly rates)
  • 22 hours/month of:
  • Executive Virtual Assistant Service

Admin 15

$ 585
(40% discount from hourly rates)
  • 15 hours/month of:
  • On-site Admin Support

Pay-As-You-Go Legal Support Services:

  • Notary/Witness Service (Amata Location)

    $6.50 minimum charge; includes $1.00 fee for any notarial act. Travel and convenience fees additional if applicable.) This service includes travel and convenience fees.
  • Court Runs

    $65.00/hour + any copy fees
    (Court filing fees, and/or service fees plus 30%)

    Research/review court docket and request/obtain copies of court documents, assemble, print, and prepare courtesy copies, assemble, print, prepare documents for delivery to Sheriff’s Office for service of process, assemble, print, prepare documents for delivery or filing with IL Workers’ Comp Commission, Secretary of State’s Office, Cook County Clerk’s Office, Cook County Assessor’s Office, IDHR, EEOC, etc.
  • Basic Administrative & Virtual Assistant Support

    Mail opening/scanning, assistance with certified mailings, scanning/copying documents, faxing documents, preparation of FedEx, set up assistance and coordination of services (phone, copier codes, messenger), bank deposit, catering support/ordering, faxing support, special orders/3rd party ordering, video conferencing set-up.
  • Administrative & Virtual Assistant Support

    $65.00/hour + any copy fees
    General document/file organization, document review and summarization, summarization of data, record abstraction, data entry, iInternet and public database research, calendar management, meeting scheduling and coordination, technological support, invoice preparation, record compilation, non-legal correspondence, transmittal letters, and email, document formatting, prepare/edit PowerPoint presentations, assist with social media, create templates/forms/charts/timelines, updating case management system, enter attorney time/expenses; pay invoices
  • Hand Deliveries/Pick-Ups

    $ 30.00 / 35.00 / 60.00
    In Chicago Loop area; package prepared by you for delivery.

    Standard – request and documents received by 11:30 a.m. delivered same day by 5:00 p.m.
    Urgent – request and documents received after 11:30 a.m. delivered same day by 5:00 p.m.
    Expedited – delivered within the hour after receipt of documents.
  • E-Filing

    (minimum charge $32.50; attorney pays for any associated court costs or filing fees plus 30%)

    Review and check to ensure court documents are signed, all exhibits accounted for, documents are compliant with the Supreme Court of Illinois’ Electronic Document Standards (i.e. within max file size, OCR’d), prepare Notice of Filing, Notice of Motion, Certificate of Service, and forms, review of local rules, court’s standing orders, & any temporary procedural orders in place, spindle or piggyback motion hearing dates, and any communications with court clerk, confirm acceptance of filing by the court clerk, coordinate delivery of courtesy copy, if needed.
  • Document Translation

    In ChicagoaNot certified, not for use in court. Loop area; package prepared by you for delivery.
  • Interpreter – Remote

    Available upon request 48 hours’ notice to avoid expediting fees
    (On demand/certified) Available upon request 48-hours’ notice to avoid expediting fees.
  • Interpreter – On-Site

    Available upon request 48 hours’ notice to avoid expediting fees
    Call for additional languages/certified
  • Preparation of Table of Authorities

    $135.00 service fee + LSS1 time
    Formatting appellate briefs
  • Preparation of Table of AuthoritiesInterpreter – On-Site

    $135.00 service fee + LSS1 time
    Formatting appellate briefs
  • Skip Trace - Basic

    $55.00 service fee + LSS1 time
    For any analysis/investigation
  • Skip Trace - Comprehensive

    $105.00 minimum fee + LSS1 time
    For any analysis/investigation
  • Asset Search (bank accounts)

    $405.00 service fee + LSS3 time
  • E-Recording

    $85.00 minimum fee + LSS1 time
    (does not include any county recording fee)
    Nationwide; all real estate documents Client credentials required

Other Legal Support Services

(All work is performed under the direction/ supervision of an attorney)

  • Legal Support Services I ("LSS1")

  • Legal Support Services II ("LSS2")

    Work requiring or completed by a senior paralegal
  • Legal Support Services III ("LSS3")

    $165.00 /hour
    Advanced document productions. Document review projects, coding, case management, e-discovery consultation (tools for litigation hold/preservation, document review platforms, document production planning, etc.), collection of basic ESI (custodian interviews, emails, text messages, video, documents), coordination of expert collection of ESI (forensic, social networking sites, video, audio, email, text messages, etc.), residential and real estate closings

All of our locations include:

Major public transportation within walking distance

A professional and prestigious business address

Furnished & unfurnished offices to pick from

VoIP business phone with reception services

100 Mbps Internet & Wi-Fi

Cafe & kitchenette

Coffee, water, tea & cognac room

Fountain Coca-Cola products

Scalable lease terms (both up & down)

Mailing handling & FedEx discounts

Manned reception desks

Legal Staff Services

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