Exclusive Networking Opportunities in Chicago

Are you a business owner or law firm partner looking to connect with other professionals and cultivate new growth opportunities? Amata — a flexible offices and staffing company — brings you the most exclusive networking opportunities in Chicago, IL and beyond. 

At Amata, growing a business doesn’t have to be lonely. Our offices foster an environment of collaboration and innovation that can lead to new clients, referrals, or joint ventures. With a thriving network of over 800 professional service providers, Amata offers unparalleled access to a diverse pool of talent, expertise, and collaborative opportunities both internationally and right in the heart of this bustling city. We also organize monthly networking opportunities with these professionals, where you can expand your network and business opportunities.

Contact Amata today to start connecting with professionals who can elevate your business at networking opportunities in Chicago.

Who Our Networking Platform Serves

Being part of Amata gives you access to over 800 professionals in Chicago. Whether you’re an established law firm, an accounting startup, or a creative agency, our offices cater to your networking needs. With Amata, you can collaborate with other industry professionals as well as host networking events at our event spaces. 

We understand one of the difficulties of working remotely or starting your own business is losing that connection with other professionals who can help you grow. That is why our networking events make connecting with like-minded individuals and industry experts a seamless experience.  

When you become a part of our networking community in Chicago, you unlock an exclusive group environment filled with innovation, growth, and exceptional opportunities.

Our Networking Opportunities

Networking is the oldest and most effective form of business development. As such, all our offices include opportunities to expand your professional network and open doors to new partnerships with top-tier professionals in Chicago.

And while networking at an event can take your business to the next level, the reality is that most of us are busy. That is why our Amata offices are designed to naturally foster collaboration, so you can join us and seamlessly build your business just by going to the office.

Our workstations are strategically placed to foster collaboration with peers, while our offices are centrally located with cozy cafés around for meetings. Plus, we can’t forget to mention our signature cognac room that allows you to relax and end the day by sharing stories with other attorneys or professionals.

At Amata, you’ll also get to meet professionals from other industries, from accountants to financial advisors, marketing professionals, and HR firms. This can lead to new clients, referrals, joint ventures, and even friendships. We also organize monthly meetings where you can expand your network and business opportunities.

Connect With Other Professionals

Connect With Other Professionals

By engaging with our diverse community of over 800 professionals, you have the opportunity to build relationships with individuals from various industries and backgrounds.

At Amata, our networking community allows you to forge connections that extend beyond mere transactions and establish long-lasting relationships with professionals who share your passion for success.

Connect With Law Firms

Connect With Law Firms

Amata’s network is full of legal professionals across the spectrum - small firms across the legal spectrum. Whether you are looking to collaborate with a lawyer or law firms are great business referral partners for your business, our networking opportunities offer a direct pathway for you to connect with law firms.

Provide Comprehensive Client Services

Amata’s networking events platform not only enables you to connect and collaborate with professionals, but also empowers you to provide comprehensive services to your clients. Whether it’s accessing on-site support staff, virtual assistants, or live receptionist services, Amata provides flexible staffing to help you better serve your clients.

With scalable office plans, virtual business addresses, and well-appointed meeting rooms, you can create a professional environment that instills confidence in your clients and sets your business or service firm apart. And through Amata’s flexible services, you can also expand your offerings and enhance the value you bring to your clients.

How Amata Helps You Expand Your Business Offerings

When you become part of the Amata community, you’re getting way more than just office space. We offer a wide range of specialized services that can help expand your business offerings. 

Our unique and modern office space locations feature services like live receptionists, mail handling, and access to conference rooms, allowing you and your team to focus on billable hours, growing your business, and enjoying your life.

Our scalable lease agreements allow you to add and drop office space during the term of the contract, without penalty. This ensures our clients a professional office that has the flexibility to grow as you grow, and adapt to the natural fluctuations in client demand and team expansion.

Additionally, Amata’s office spaces feature a range of amenities like cafes, lounges, and restaurants for your employees to enjoy.


We currently have three prestigious locations in Chicago, and are actively planning to expand soon. All our locations are fully equipped, in prestigious addresses, and have the Amata advantage: On-demand staff and spaces for collaboration.

Each location offers something unique, from being steps away from the courthouse to river-front views. Take a closer look at our locations and find the one that meets your needs!

Become A Member Of Amata’s Professional Community Today

By becoming a member of Amata’s professional community, you gain access to a thriving network of over 800 diverse professionals, opening doors to new partnerships, innovation, and business opportunities. You’ll also unlock all-around support services that grow as you do, including flexible workspace solutions, on-site support staff, and professional conference rooms and event spaces. Get started with Amata today and unlock the thriving network, professional offices, and on-demand staff that will propel your business to the next level.