Office Space » 5 Reasons Coworking Spaces Make Sense for Freelancers

5 Reasons Coworking Spaces Make Sense for Freelancers

5 Reasons Coworking Spaces Make Sense for Freelancers

Demand for freelancers continued to climb in 2014 as employers sought to streamline operations and reduce overhead, and if the latest numbers are any indication, the trend shows no sign of slowing in the months and years ahead.

In fact, it’s estimated that freelancers, defined as “individuals who have engaged in supplemental, temporary, or project- or contract-based work in the past 12 months,” currently account for 34 percent of the U.S. workforce, contributing more than $700 billion to the nation’s economy each year. While experts have varying opinions on how quickly the freelance economy will grow – some predict independent workers will make up as much as 50 percent of the workforce by 2020 – the general consensus is that the “full-time job with benefits” is falling out of favor with workers who increasingly prefer the flexibility of the project-to-project lifestyle.

As workers have moved away from traditional office positions, they’ve had to find new places to work, often starting out in a home office or local coffee shop that, while more affordable in terms of rent, lack many of the resources available in a corporate office environment. As a result, many freelancers have gravitated to coworking centers that offer the perks of a larger office at a fraction of the rent they would have to pay if they were leasing their own, standalone space. Here are five specific benefits of freelancing out of a shared office:

  1. Security: Freelancers often work for a number of different clients, some of whom may have concerns about privacy and how secure their information really is. Most coworking centers offer lockable offices and secure lockers, and are typically located in larger office buildings that have 24-hour security, giving tenants (and their clients) peace of mind. They also receive packages so deliveries are not left on a doorstep for extended periods of time.
  2. Technology/support services: Self-employed professionals who work from home sometimes have a difficult time separating their personal life from their professional life. Many office providers offer virtual office services that give clients a separate mailing address and phone line, complete with a live receptionist who answers calls with a personalized greeting, even if they continue to work from home. In addition, freelancers who move to a coworking center often have access to high-speed fiber-optic internet, HD video conferencing, interactive display boards and other technologies they can use in their day-to-day operations. Many office providers also offer a support staff that can assist with complicated work tasks and projects with a tight deadline, ensuring no business opportunity is missed.
  3. Networking opportunities: Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the coworking environment is the ability to work alongside other freelancers and “solopreneurs.” A recent study from researchers at Stanford University and Beijing University found that while employees of Chinese travel agency Ctrip were 13 percent more productive when allowed to work from home, about half elected to return to the office after the nine-month trial period was over. In addition to fostering a sense of camaraderie – something home-based professionals don’t have – a collaborative office also enables freelancers to expand their professional network and, ideally, take on additional projects they might not otherwise know about.
  4. Distraction-free environment: Home offices are filled with distractions – neighbors, children, pets, TVs, the refrigerator – that threaten to undermine productivity and, in some cases, compromise a person’s professional reputation. Having a dedicated place to work, away from all the noise, enables workers who are easily distracted to stay on task and get the most out of their workday.
  5. Amenities: With everything from on-site gyms and game rooms to coffee bars and meeting areas, shared office centers offer a number of amenities that aren’t available to home-based professionals. Not only are these spaces great for socializing (see #3), but also for securing new business by giving freelancers a professional environment where they can meet with current and prospective clients.

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